One-Day Spiritual Breakthrough


What is a Spiritual Breakthrough Day?

A Spiritual Breakthrough Day is a 6 hours session with Toks to nurture WHOLENESS in your life.    It could consist of an hour's break together or not, an hours telephone consultation and 4 hours together with Toks.  The arrangement that suits you will be discussed.   It is a day of commitment to YOU and your life.  Take it seriously....and enjoy it too...

To nurture WHOLENESS is the art of the Spiritual Warrior.  Wholeness is working on your mind, body and spirit to create the ONE you, your TRUE SELF.  A Spiritual Breakthrough Day is where you make a decision to take a stand or a position in your life. 

What is the difference between taking a stand in my life OR taking a position in my life?

To come for a Spiritual Breakthrough Day is to take a stand in your life.  To take a stand in your life is to live it means to come from a vision that is ‘bigger’ than you.  This vision is not just about you.  It is a vision that expands to the whole world for by looking after yourself you look after the world.  This vision is inside you.  Yes a vision that is inside you that you have not seen, or felt, or visualised or known or refuse to acknowledge or have hidden yourself!

On the other hand when you are taking a position in your life you are fixed and usually not very flexible to other ways of thinking or being.  This position usually offends others and generates opposition always.  Everyone is making critical judgements of themselves as well as others.  This ‘stuck’ point of view ‘slows’ everyone down.  This is spiritual self-sabotage which comes in many forms such as blaming others, pointing the finger, denial, self doubt, grief that may be hidden or ignored, organisational rivalry, competition and betrayal, animalistic behaviour, etc; etc; etc. 

A Spiritual Breakthrough Day is a day that expands on your life’s journey enabling you to ‘sees ‘ all points of views and allows all points of views.  This journey is not an easy journey nor is it a hard journey.  It is simply a journey one must take into the ‘hidden’ aspects on one’s mind, body and spirit.  It is a journey that enables you to know what to stop and what to continue. 

The idea behind this Spiritual Breakthrough Day is not to judge yourself or others harshly.  You are giving everyone a chance to participate in your life without interference, whether or not they have added value to it or not.  You are leading yourself to true freedom no matter what.  You are saying:  “They are in my life.  They have done this to me and I have done this to them.”  You are observing, you are looking, you are then identifying, exploring and releasing.  Through the process you have the sudden inner knowing where you are and why you have been where you have been.  You realise that “Maybe, just maybe, there is brilliance in me.  I can be phenomenal.  I am phenomenal.”  You step into the change and the breakthrough.  You take a stand in your life and live it triumphantly.  You step into your Spiritual Power, your Divine Power, your Rightful Power and you know it, you sense it, you feel it, you smell it and you can even touch it! 

What will be covered in the Day’s Breakthrough?

We all have areas in our lives we want to address.  As this is a Spiritual Breakthrough Day it is focussed on you and only you.  Any area of your choice can be covered in the day’s event e.g. Personal, Relationships, Family, Love Life, Marriage, Children, Dying, Grief, Loss, Spiritual, Healing, Health, Mental, Physical, Business, Work or Career.  Whatever you choose to come with will be addressed.  The emphasis on the day will be a journey back to your True Self.  The choice and commitment to experience your True Self will be a wonderful unforgettable experience.   

Spiritual Warrior

With today’s hectic live style how many roles does a person play and carry out to achieve all the activities of the day?  Today, for example, a woman in a day could role play being a mother, daughter, wife, sister, manager, employee, employer, teacher, seductress, shopper, cook, and cleaner.  How many roles do you play on a daily basis?  Have you ever thought about it?  Today many people admit that it is hard to sometimes know who they are or who they have become or are becoming and who they no longer are.  They do not take time for themselves as the rush from one role to another, meeting deadlines and becoming slaves to other people’s time which they think is there own time.  It is not surprising then that in today’s world we ALL need nurturing in one way or another.  To nurture WHOLENESS is the art of the Spiritual Warrior.  You are the Spiritual Warrior.

“Toks has always been there to help guide me through the different challenges of life. She has been true and completely clean and ethical in her work and a great inspiration in the way she walks her path.  All that she has told me has been true, and all the guidance has been of the utmost help. One day she dropped by to give me a flyer and I happened to be home after having heard bad news regarding my daughter's operation.  Toks gave me invaluable guidance which I acted upon immediately and it made all the difference in the outcome of the operation.  I know now with Toks nothing works as a coincidence.”   Lisette Keats, Architect, Wife …Mother

What issues can I come with?

You can come with any issue or problem or suffering.  Here are a few examples.  Confusion.  Indecision.  Searching for direction.  Abandonment.  Separation. Dislike of your body.  Problems with your body, your health.  Addictive behaviour.  Depression.  Up in the air.  Inability to hold a job down.  Shock.  Barriers.  Low self esteem.  No sense of self. Lack of self worth.    No feelings.  Lack of energy and vitality.  No power.  No enthusiasm.  Quick tempered.  Uncaring.    Moving beyond limitations.  Facing the truth.  Forgiveness.  Betrayal.  Lack of commitment.  Need to change.  Not able to speak your truth.   Psychological problems.  Psychometric problems.  Dismissal.  Denial. Being ignored.  Feeling helpless.  Insomnia.  Headaches.  Restlessness.  Fears.  Stress.   Self Sabotage. Hatred of mother / father / brother / sister / grand-parents.   Lost child hood / adult hood /  parent hood.  Searching for answers to unresolved situations.  Sexuality issues.  Constant worry.  You may have other issues not listed here.  Just bring them with you.  If she cannot help you she will refer you to someone who can.


Why should I bother when I feel resistance to my own growth?

Sometimes we resist what we fear or do not understand.  We have doubts and reasons why a thing will not work for us or for someone.  Stop it. Take action to inspire you with yourself in a non-judgemental session where you are not questioned or blamed for your actions.  You are allowed to BE.  You are allowed to talk and to be listened to.  You allow yourself the time to BE, warts and all.  You allow your truth to be spoken in sacred healing space.  You come into a sacred sanctuary of healing today or tonight to dream and wake up to your true dream.  Why not gift yourself or someone you care about with a Spiritual Breakthrough Journey?  You will wonder why you never did it before!


What will happen for me on the Day?

So much can happen on the day.  A transformation will happen on that day.  A personal breakthrough will happen on that day.  A realisation in your mind, body and spirit will happen on that day.  A hope will be realised.  An error in thinking and judgement will be identified.  An error in direction noted and a way forward identified.  WE will be identifying, releasing and exploring as you go through your process and journey to self discover as a Spiritual Warrior.  You will be assisted throughout the day in various ways such as developing a mindset that is assertive, positive and empowering to you.  Developing your self concept and sense of internal and external freedom no matter what is happening around you. 


How does it work?

Let us think of you driving a car.  You may be driving at 10mph or 30mph or 60mph or 100mph.  Whatever speed you are driving you arrive at Toks’s door.  You may be driving your life backward in reverse gear.  You may be driving forward at any of the speeds mentioned earlier.  You may be at stand still or neutral or just stuck.  Sometimes you may think you are driving the car and then we find out that someone else is driving your car.  Toks will realign you to the speed you need to be driving at and so help you drive your car yourself.  You may arrive in a battered car and Toks will help you to let go or release or gently understand that there is no need to hold on to the car.  The car is unable to drive you to where you want to go and serves no use to you.  The car cannot serve you any more even if it wanted to.  You can then let go the car and buy a new one!  Do you understand what is being said here?  The car could be you driving your life.  Your life may be in fast forward, reverse gear or standstill.  You come to fill it up with petrol when you come to Toks.  With petrol the car moves happily working with the other parts to bring you and give you a harmonious ride.  The petrol is equal to putting life force into you to charge you up and fuel your life.  You are journeying driving yourself. 


Remember we do not need to know how the car works so long as it works.  We do not have to see the radio waves to hear the sound of the radio and know it is working.  We do not have to see the electric current to know the light bulb works.  Nor do we need to know how it works.  We just know that it works.  Of course if you are an electrician you know how it works but you still cannot see the energy of the current though you may see a spark when the wires touch!  The is a simple way to explain the great healing and insight you will receive on this auspicious day for you. 

Benefits - How will the day benefit me?

The aim is to ‘marry’ the mind, body and spirit and soul creating unity of self within.   Many of us lived ‘divorced’ or ‘separated’ or ‘divided’ from our own individual unique self as well as from people.  The dichotomies can be sharply opposed or distinguished.  This ‘marriage’ and ‘meeting’ of two or more parts at the cross roads of life can be a very healing process resulting in deep inner feelings of liberation and freedom. 

Below are some of the many benefits a day could offer you arranged into 3 categories – mind, body spirit.  The list below is not conclusive.  It is just a guideline of some of the many benefits of a Spiritual Breakthrough Day with Toks Coker. 

Remember you will not be able to get all of these benefits in one day’s session, but you will get a lot of benefits.  You have to choose what you want.  Or Toks can help you choose what would benefit you the most on the day.  Remember you may need more than one day if you want the personal spiritual grooming and the attention to your spiritual live, vision and goals.  May the Force be with you and Long may you prosper and Long may you live.

Benefits the MIND

We will transform your mind set by the following:

- speaking’ and ‘listening’ to your pain and suffering and discord

- discussing issues that distract or disturb you in a sacred space

- facing the ‘double life’ and seeking the inner mind and finding it

- looking at your mind distortions: your self-talk, beliefs, affirmations

- ‘discreetly’ developing strategies to empower your mind

- spiritual guidance and mentoring

By the end of the day your mind will
feel one of the 4:

       M’s  marvellous, metamorphosis, meditative and marriage

       I’s  intelligent, inquisitive, interested and intention

       N’s  noble, nice, new, and nimble

       D’s determined, dependable, dynamic and distinctive

Your mind will

    1. take responsibility for your life from a point of power
    2. have gained insights that empower you to empowering action
    3. have moved forward and will continue to do so in an ‘informed’ way
    4. activate and enable your courage, your compassion and your wisdom in a ‘disciplined’ way that works for you
    5. feel intensified as your own and not someone else’s
    6. have its own unique identification distinctive mark
    7. be more discerning about digesting in your mind what is the truth in any situation

Benefits the BODY

We will energise your body to flow by the following:

  • ‘sacred touch’ massage to

a.      release tension and pain in the body

b.      return flexibility to your joints and muscles

  • spiritual healing massage

a.      to release ‘entities’ , ‘attachments’, etc. held in the physical body

b.      with breathe work for releasing stagnant negative painful emotions held in the body

  •  auric massage to

a.      clear your energy field of stagnant dull dead energy

b.      heal holes in your auric field thus stopping depletion of energy

By the end of the day your body will feel one of the 4

B’s  beautiful, breathable, balanced, and beloved

O’s  ownership, open, opportunity and OK

D’s  dancing, dazzling, desirable and diamond

Y’s  yummy, yoga, yes and youthful

The body will feel

  • Like a sacred temple that has been honoured
  • Nurtured.  It will feel and know it has been nurtured through sacred touch
  • Energised.  It will be ready to get up and go and face the world.
  • Refreshed.  It will feel new and happy and liberated and free.
  • Relaxed.  It will be stress free!
  • you are breathing better as there is more oxygen in your body
  • a stronger life force as all your internal organs will be happy
  • appreciative towards you for taking the time to nurture it

Spiritual Breakthrough Day
with Toks

Toks Beverley Coker

Can I have more than One Day?

Yes.   You may have more than one day to cover the various areas in your personal life.  A One Days Session may not be enough for you as you may require more time to work through some issues.  You may book weekly or monthly sessions depending on your need.  The choice is yours. 

Or TOKS can help you choose and let you know if you need another session in a week or a month.  This will depend on your own personal circumstances such as making the time to commit to yourself.

What do I bring with me?

Just bring yourself exactly as you are and your write up you have prepared before coming. 

Preparation before coming

You make a list of questions you want answered [if you have any ]

  1. * areas you want to cover
  2. * what you want from the session
  3. * what you want to take away
  4. * Email to me before the day. 
  5. * Remember to bring 2 copies with you on the day - one for me and one for you.

Do I have to have any religious beliefs to make this day work for me?

No, you do not have to have any religious beliefs to make this day work for you.  Come as you are.   

What Tools will be used on that day?

Toks will be using a lot of intuition and guided insight on the day.  She will be drawing from centuries of wisdom and compassion.  She will be drawing from her vast years of study and knowledge and research into the mind, body and spirit.  She will be combining many of the learnt and researched practices to give a phenomenal Spiritual Breakthrough Day that will empower you and free you from the ‘slow down’ of your life. 

Some of the tools used will include listening skills, questioning, interventions, starlight tarot readings, guided intuitive work, blessings, gratitude, breaking ties / cords / vows; psychic protection, soul retrieval, chakra balancing and alignment, and many more.  All will assist to develop a mindset of internal resources.  All will assist you to move forward and remind you to live from your heart in an open happy way. 

Benefits the SPIRIT

We will empower your Chi [Life] Force by the following:

  • working with ancient and modern spiritual tools
  • using practical user-friendly techniques to guide you through the process
  • explaining what we are doing step by step
  • enabling you to feel relaxed about entering your ‘uncomfortable’ zone
  • knowing you that you can stop the session any time you want
  • knowing that you can rest before we move on with the same exercise or a different one

By the end of the day your spirit will feel one of the 4

S’s.  sacred, silent, safe and strong

P’s.  protected, phenomenal, performing and powerful

I’s.  iridescent, insightful, initiated and intuitive

R’s.  right, released, rescued, rejuvenated

I’s.   integrity, intelligent, inspired, infinite

T’s.  telepathic, triumphant, tranquil and tall

The Spirit will

  • have learnt useful meditation and visualisation tools unique to you
  • have received strong spiritual mentoring and spiritual guidance
  • have insights into your life patterns
  • have insights into your habits
  • want a change
  • feel how to change
  • ask for the change:  what has to be done/not done
  • sense what is to be done
  • sense an inner knowing
  • have released lots of negativity making you feel ‘lighter’
  • feel stronger to take action in a positive way


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