Super Full Moon 2019


You Touch Me without Touching Me.

You Keep Me without Chains.

Happy Super Super Full Moon.

I Love You.

Happy Super Super Full Moon in Virgo.  I have really enjoyed the energy of the Super Full Moon. It made me feel very happy with lots of laughter, because it came with lots of insights, laughter and happiness.

At our Super Full Moon Alchemy Medicine Meditation Gathering, on the 19 February, in our meditation many things.  I share: 3 things / qualities to release,  3 lessons, 3 things to not do, 3 facts about this Super Full Moon in Virgo, 3 downloads to receive, 3 practical things to do and 3 things to achieve.

Once you pay for it you will immediately get the download – just scroll down to the bottom of the email you receive and you will see the audio and video. You can get your copy of the Super Full Moon Meditation by clicking here: 3

  • We had the Super Full Moon Meditation on Tuesday 19 February (3:53 p.m. London)
  • Full Moon in Virgo – Sun in Pisces
  • Snow Moon / Hunger Moon / Storm Moon
  • Chiron in Aries – Healing accelerates. Chiron was a great healer, astrologer, and respected oracle. Chiron was said to be the first among centaurs and highly revered as a teacher and tutor.
  • SUPER MOON: Year’s Largest Super Moon
  • Elements: Earth/Water
  • Qualities: Mutable: Adaptable, Restless, Changeable
  • Planets: Mercury/Neptune

C H A S I N G   THE  M O O N


How many times do we look up to the sky and see the glorious Moon in its many shapes and sizes? This Super Full Moon is outstanding. It is a celestial phenomena.  We welcome the Celestial Light, the Council of Elders, the Council of Light Beings, and the Hierarchy of Light.

We create a sacred space by lighting a candle and doing the meditation. We call in the Celestial energy with this wonderful Full Moon in Virgo. We ask to ground this wonderful sacred Celestial vibration into our body, our mind, our emotions, our Spirit and our Soul.

I love chasing the Moon in the Sky.


We welcome the down pour of LIGHT on Earth, humanity and all.

With the Super Full Moon we feel the joy of the downloading LIGHT frequencies. We feel the happiness, the joy and the ecstasy. We concentrate only on the LIGHT downpour, downloads and codes. We know when to shine our LIGHT and when to dim it.  The Light of the Moon reminds us to SHINE OUR LIGHT. We stop hiding our Light and shine it out and shine it inside us too.

Every day the Moon shines down on Mother Earth. It never falls ill or forgets.  It never takes time off.

Is it not time for you to shine your Light to yourself and everyone else, without being ashamed of who you are or what you do. The Light reminds us to LOVE ourselves and LOVE each other. Let the Light of this Wonderful Full Moon Light bathe you in SELF LOVE and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


We welcome the spiritual development and the massive shifts with the spiritual healing during this magical time. This is a good time to do a powerful MEDITATION and allow more spiritual up-lift-ment.

Saving your Spiritual Life is saving your Soul. The two are interlinked and are the same. The Soul is Boss – your Spirit is Boss. When you work on your Spiritual / Soul Level you bring in the Light and the Spiritual Power and it filters to your body through your AURIC FIELD, the field of Light, the invisible field very few can see or sense.

Brace yourself FREE with your spiritual development, upliftment and empowerment. We want to shine Light on our


We welcome the mental improvement. We are aware we have two extremes in the mental improvement.

(1) We experience a calmer  and peaceful mind.

(2) We also experience a chaotic mind and a confused mindset.

Our mindset is very important. It is either open or closed. This Super Full Moon tells us it is time to terminate the ‘rubbish’ mindset; and to ‘activate’ the magical mindset. What do you think?

Our life is affected by our conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind. Every action or thought involves our mind. Working on the mind individually, collectively, consciously, unconsciously, or subconsciously brings many different results in ones life. It is not an easy thing to do. Our mind is affected by many things. The effects  on our mind can be very subtle, noticeable, and sometimes, can go unnoticed.

What effects your mind? What affects your mind? It is almost as if the mind has its own mind that can overpower you and consume you. This Full Moon activates a powerful pull on our mind. How is it affecting your mind? Are you noticing the subtle energy of your mind?

Your mind can have positive and negative thoughts, which can ripple out into constructive or destructive actions. Your positive thoughts will be energised with this Super Full Moon. Your positive statements will energise you and empower you. Your negative statements will engage negative mind sets that can be destructive and create a downward spiralling effect on your life.

Say aloud: “Today I am happy I have a strong positive mind set that enables me to make great decisions and take constructive actions. My mind set is powerful and wonderful and very very happy. I have a positive powerful mind set that encourages me to love me and my life. It fills me with trust, confidence and clarity.”


We welcome the emotional up-lift-ment and emotional development with the energy of this Super Full Moon. Are you ready for the tests? Your life will be tested with this Super Full Moon. For example, you may find out you are pregnant and move from one extreme emotion to another. You are happy and then sad. You are worried and then calm. You are ready and then not ready. The swing in emotions can triple the feeling of confusion, isolation and choices that have to be mad.

We welcome the improvement of great qualities activated by the emotional turmoil which activate great characteristics like compassion, wisdom, joy, happiness and love.

We also acknowledge our negative emotions. If you are feeling angry the Super Full Moon will amplify the negative emotion of anger you are feeling. So any negative emotion, such as anger, envy, or jealousy, will be amplified with the Energy of the Super Full Moon.

The Full Moon in Virgo looks at the practical energy of the emotion you are feeling, and the Sun in Pisces tosses the practical vibration, sending you into a spiral of emotions. You feel overwhelmed by the emotions, like a boat on a rough sea, that could be overturned at any time. Do your emotions overpower you and rise to the surface and overflow?  Of do they balance themselves and still themselves?

BE aware. Is this emotion empowering you or dis-empowering you?

Say to yourself “I am grateful for my life and my emotions. They enable me to feel and know what I need to work on. Be activating the emotion and feeling of being grateful, I begin to feel happier and happier.  I am so happy I use my emotions to nurture and feed me in a wholesome way.”


We welcome the physical healing and improvement this Super Full Moon brings into your life.  Better health. Better nutrition. Better exercises. Better results in your physical activities. The Full Moon in Virgo is all about PRACTICAL actions you take that result in an improvement in your physical body.

We Connect and Reaffirm our Earth Link. We Connect with the Divine, the Moon. We Flow with the Energy in our Body. We Earth, Link and Flow. We match and align our energy with the Divine Light, the Moon Light. We are lifted up. We are aligned. We are full of Love and Light.

We bring Light into our physical body and ignite it with LIFE FORCE. We feel energised. We feel flexible. We feel warm in our muscles and our joints.


GRATITUDE: Write a GRATITUDE list. Write a minimum of 10 things you are grateful for.

THANK YOU: Remind yourself to say THANK YOU for your life. Even for your pain and suffering.  You see your pain and suffering are an indication that you need to learn something and you need to be grateful for the learning. Not all learning is easy, but all learning brings rewards, insights and change.

MIRROR WORK 1: Look at yourself in a mirror and see the Full Moon shining in your eyes. Feel your eyes radiating the LIGHT of the Full Moon. Feel your eyes radiating LOVE back to you. Enjoy the Radiating LOVE LIGHT as you look deep into your eyes.

MIRROR WORK 2: Look at yourself in a mirror and tell yourself you love yourself. “I love you.”  “I really love you.”

MIRROR WORK 3: Look at yourself in a mirror and list 10 things you love about yourself. For example, say “I love you. I really love you. I love me.  I love my nose. I love my hair. I love my voice. …………..etc. I love me. I really really love me.”

MANIFESTATION: Write a list of all the things you have manifested with this Full Moon. What have .

  1. Celebration: What are you celebrating?
  2. Completions: What have you completed?
  3. Revelation: What has been brought to Light with this Full Moon?
  4. Abundance: What abundance has come through with this Full Moon?
  5. Blossoming: How have you blossomed? Where have you blossomed?
  6. Ripening: What has ripened? What has served you?

Three Videos for you to enjoy and share: 

Valentine’s Love Meditation

Super Full Moon in Virgo

Chiron, the Wounded Healer


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