Super Full Moon in Gemini – Moving Forward

A Gathering to Move Forward and

Celebrate Fullness

What happens when you decide to move forward? You get resistance? You move forward? You get to feel free? You get to be yourself?  You get to break free of everything holding you back? This is what this Full Moon is about.

What does Moving Forward mean? It means moving from where you are forward, taking a step forward – not backward. It means looking forward – not being held by our past pains or suffering.  It means not being trapped or stuck. It means thinking ahead and being ahead; and doing things that promote or advance you e.g ‘a training will help forward your career.’ Moving Forward is continuing on a path or course of action – not giving up. It is facing the front to move on – move forward e.g. moving forward in a line in the bank. This Full Moon invites you to COME FORWARD.

What Words describe Moving Forward? Which words resonate with you? Advance, Progress, Grow, Achieve, Promote, Increase, More, Accomplish, Expand, Bloom, Improve, Fulfil, Boost, Advance, Ascend. This Full Moon invites us to SHOW UP BLOOMING and SHINING.

Lets do some reflective work. Looking at your Past:

  1. How have you Moved Forward?FireAltar
  2. Why did you Move Forward?
  3. Where did you Move Forward?
  4. When did you Move Forward?
  5. What did you have to do to Move Forward?

Lets do some Energy of Now work. Looking at your Now:

  1. How are you Moving Forward Now?
  2. Why are you Moving Forward Now?
  3. Where are you Moving Forward Now?
  4. When are you Moving Forward Now?
  5. What do you have to do to Move Forward Now?

Is there a difference between the answers in your Past and the answers in your Now?

What images represent Moving Forward for you? What music? What colour? What food?

This Full Moon says it is our right to move forward. It is time to move forward to developing ourselves and not stay stuck.  How many time do you find you get stuck because of what someone has said to you. You need to push yourself through you resistance and move forward to be more than you are and to be more than you thought. Yes you can accomplish things. Yes you can finish things. Yes you are doing so.

This Full Moon is saying leave the past behind, release the heaviness and chains, the bitterness, the heaviness and the darkness. Let the light of the Moon shine on you revealing a FORWARD PATH, a way forward that is safe and wholesome and great.

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Benefits of Green Calcite


This particular Green Calcite is very healing and powerful. I use it a lot in my Celestial Healing Portals.  It is a cleanser, purifier, magnifier, amplifier and a streamer.  It streams Light Language, Divine Healing and DNA Codes for the group energy. It draws money and prosperity. It encourages healing on all levels gently and naturally.

It empowers your mind in a new beginning and in a continuing so you can grow and move forward. It creates movement from stagnation. It stimulates all the circulatory systems and the immune systems. It calms and relaxed the mind creating a wonderful feeling of peace and tranquillity within. It enables you to go about your daily life in the chaos of whatever you are going through.  I find it very knowledgeable and influential.

An Act of Kindness Everyday


What Act of Kindness are you going to do this month, December? The above Kindness Calendar shows some ideas to help you. An Act of Kindness goes a long way to bringing a simple smile to another person’s face.  What Act of Kindness will you choose to do?

Testimonials from New Moon in Scorpio

It was healing, empowering and re-affirming. There was a lot of strength and movement and shifting of weakness into powerful grounding. New Moon Meditations have helped me in every area of my life. Legion of Light Jocelyn known as Jocelyn Jee Esien of Three Non-Blondes

It was a magical, powerful and clear working with the portal. I loved the colour and the touching inside out. I felt a lot of letting go and witnessing things dropping off.  I am taking away strength. Life is a mystery, this is about touching what you cannot see, giving time for things you cannot explain. Legion of Light Sam Roddick

It was very affirming. I liked the visual element. The Invocation made me cry, so that means it’s real. I was moved by Toks speech and sounds. I was so moved by my relationship with the crystals, especially through the spirits – that was so wonderful. This was my first time. Legion of Light Asa

Coming here was important for my journey and very important for me. I was moved by my Soul. I experienced self sabotage and released self sabotage. I am taking away lots of renewed energy.  Toks work is amazing. Legion of Light Moni Rodriguez

I experienced releasing all the rubbish in this sacred space. Thank you. It was a powerful journey and I am taking away my core messages and Patrick’s amazing soup. Genevieve

I liked very much the reflecting and the restart energy. I enjoyed speaking out my desire as if it already happened. I am taking away with me confidence that my intuition is being strengthened. Toks offers a genuine service and her gifts are authentic. Legion of Light Jin

I found the energy to be really deep and powerful like the depth of an ocean. I liked this sense of deep movement.

Seeing the portal as the vision for my life, clear, perfect and then working with this energy vision, claiming it for myself – this was really empowering and invigorating, as well as, refreshing.

I am taking away the realisation that it is all mine – my vision, my dream – and I deserve it.

This moon was deep and powerful for me. 2017 has been about me crawling out of my shell, dragging myself from one small victory to another; building momentum and empowering myself; one step at a time.

These Moon Gatherings with Toks have been absolutely key to the quantum-karma-shifting part of my life. My finances have completely transformed – they shifted and expanding three times over the course of this year.

My relationship with my father had long been based on aggression, conflict and lots and lots of anger and scathing judgements. This year, somehow, all of that has taken a U-turn and gone in the other direction. I found a respect and love for my father that I didn’t know was there – I see myself in him and my heart smiles when I do.

I am also learning how to better handle my money and not be so carless with it.

I have also transformed aspects of my relationships with my brother and my mother: new avenues of communication are opening i.e. we do not throw our pain at each other as much as we did.

I learning to be more wise and compassionate and more loving.  My Inner Self is shining through more regularly than before. I am seeing the habits and patterns that use to hold me back in the past and I am starting to make new decisions to empower myself and nurture myself as I transform my view of myself and learn to look after myself more and more.

All of this is possible because of Toks supporting me through all of her ground breaking Moon Alchemy Gatherings. Toks channels so much Light in her gatherings it is truly phenomenal. Toks integrity is second to none. I have never met someone who is as true and as authentic as she is, nor as kind and wise and knowledgeable.  Legion of Light Yanni Konstantinopulos

I would like to say I am very humbled when I read these wonderful testimonials. It is such and honour to change lives and to inspire greatness in humanity. Thank you for allowing me to do this wonderful work. Thank you for these  wonderful testimonials. I am really pleased and humbled. Thank you xxxx

I want to say Thank you for reading my blog.  I hope you enjoyed it and learnt something you can share with others. Please spread my work – tell others about my work, share it and come joint us at our gatherings. We have two gatherings before the year ends. I would really love to see you there. Come join us…




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