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Toks Coker

Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse | Comet

HAPPY FULL MOON HAPPY SNOW MOON HAPPY PENUMBRAL LUNAR ECLILPSE HAPPY COMET 45P Happy Tu B’Shevat Josei Toda’s Birthday, 1990-1958 (Buddhism) 11 February Saturday 11 February Full Moon in Leo

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New Year
Toks Coker

New Year of the Red Fire Monkey

Welcome to the wonderful inspiring 8 February, when we celebrate a New Moon and New Year. Happy CHINESE NEW YEAR:  RED FIRE MONKEY Year HAPPY BIRTHDAY AQUARIUS HAPPY NEW MOON

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Toks Coker

Full Moon in Leo & Sun in Aquarius 3 Feb 2015

Numerology of Full Moon in Leo   3/2/2014                     Full Moon in Leo 3/2/2014             3+2+2+0+1+4=12        1+2=3 The Energy of Today 3 February 2015 Happy Full Moon.  Full Moon in Leo is

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