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Full Moon Blessing 09.04.09

This is the Blessing of the FullMoon in Libra, Channelled by Talented Teacher Toks Coker with love and insight.  8.4.09 Oh FullMoon in Libra with Sun in Aries I Welcome

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Toks Beverley Coker’s Blog

  Toks Beverley Coker I greet you, Hands of Light, Starlight and I welcome you. It is our pleasure to have you here. We acknowledge your Spirit Being, your purest

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April is the fourth month. Four is about structure and solid rooting. Take passionate action with solid rooting. A very very very powerful NewMoon To know and not to do

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Mars in Aries 26.03.09

MARS – GOD OF WAR Mars God of War MARS – GOD OF WAR Aries is ruled by MARS. The planet Mars is fast and quick and a warrior.  Assertive.  Hot-headed.  Absolutely unafraid of

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Aries Crystals and Totem 26.03.09

CRYSTALS Mars Crystals – hot and fiery – blood stone, red jasper, sulphur, iron.  Venus Crystals – cool and gentle – carnelian, emerald, copper, aquamarine.  Mars rules Aries. Venus rules

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