Starlight Tarot Readings

I was sent from myself as a messenger to myself and my Essence testified to myself by my signs.  Sufi

Starlight Tarot Reading
is a personal intuitive reading using crystals and cards with very powerful Starlight healing. Toks has found that it encourages deep self-knowledge and may involve soul reading, ancestral reading and past life reading.

Starlight Tarot Reading answers all kinds of questions in a healing sacred space. As you hear your answers Toks calls in healing, protection and blessings for you.

When should I have a Starlight Tarot Reading?

Toks suggests some questions to ask yourself to help you decide if you are ready for a Starlight Tarot Reading;

Am I going through a difficult time at the moment? Do I have lots of questions?

Am I looking for a solution to a particular problem?
Do I need to understand the nature of my karma, past, present and future?

Am I searching for clarity and peace of mind?
Am I troubled?

Do I feel restless?
Am I constantly worrying about the same situation over and over again?

Do I find myself in the same situation all the time?
Do I have unresolved issues?

Am I holding on?
Should I let go?

Am I ready for the truth?
Am I seeking answers to confusing situations, conflicting issues and/or contrasting emotions?

"A very fluent and uplifting reading with explicit details. An excellent reading. Lots of clarity. All questions answered and confidence given. Cards very powerful. Fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it was what I needed."   Claudette Dawkins, Legal Secretary

"Everything you said in my reading is VERY true - you don't know me. Thank you very much and I hope to see you again soon".  Dinye Akgul

"I found this reading very helpful and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things. I am glad I came."   Wedian Saleh


"Exact and precise and positive." Natalie Tarrant

I am so happy I came here today.  This has been a wonderful experience and has opened up a light in my insight as to where I am heading in life.  Thank you with all my heart for this starlight tarot reading.  Love and Blessings.”    Housing Officer

I felt the reading was healing, insightful and positive.  Toks is loving and full of light and encouragement.”  Dancer

The session was excellent!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I feel positive and calm and blessed.  I have a lot of homework to do starting with my thoughts.  Thank you so much.  Tameka Empson, Actress, Comedian in Three non-blondes

Empowering, brining lots of hope for the future and self respect.  I feel happy.  My deepest worries came out and just feel a sense of big relief.  Thank you.   Clinic Co-Ordinator

Feel I have achieved clarity and direction in my life.  Thank you so much for all your help and extra time and patience.  Much love.   Tania

Really helpful (emotional) reading!  Thanks!  Journalist

Clear and helpful.  Some shocking details abut my past and future.  Definitely a great experience. You helped me understand many things happening in my life. Thank you for the advice.   Entrepreneur, Jordan

The reading was incredibly accurate with everything that is going on in my life.  All my questions were answered and I feel that I can move forward with certainty of where I want to go next.  Thank you Toks – I loved it!   Medical Writer

The session with Toks was spot on!  I will definitely recommend her.  Thank you Toks! You are amazing.    General Manager, Natureworks

Relieved, relaxed, stable, calm, quiet, fortunate, hopeful, activated to take action.  Lap Dancer

Toks, I enjoyed that very much.  Thank you.”  Unemployed

Very good.  Very thorough.  I felt relaxed and the reading was not hurried – important! Nurse

I feel empowered!  I got the answers that I needed, which is what I came here for.  Thank you.  Student

Completely overwhelmed, yet relieved.  My spirit feels liberated, enlightened and reassured by my own being.   Manager


Starlight Tarot Reading 
with Toks

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Starlight Tarot Reading with Toks

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Benefits of Your Starlight Tarot Reading

  • Answers your questions (which may be simple, difficult or complicated)
  • Clarifies your mind, body and spirit
  • Creates better understanding
  • Reveals the truth of a situation
  • Gives you a course of action - inner strength to take the next step
  • Helps you to know what to accept
  • Helps you to know what to let go of (only if you want to and are ready to)
  • Helps you to look at a situation from a different perspective
  • Confirms something you already know or something totally new
  • Gives you inner peace of mind and personal understanding

Palm Eye

THE PALM EYE The all-seeing, all-knowing Eye is in the palm of the Divine. The Eye of the Divine/Buddha is a symbol of protection, wisdom, insight, intuition and healing. The Tibetan goddess, Tara, has 7 eyes (her extra eyes are on her forehead, palm and feet). The eye sees everything - all that is hidden and all that is revealed. The Eye of the Buddha perceives the true nature of life - past, present and future.   Buddhist, Egyptian, Christian faiths

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