Soul Ascension Egypt 2023


Terms and Conditions




Tour Itinerary and Changes:

a. The tour itinerary, including dates, locations, activities, and accommodations, is provided for informational purposes and may be subject to change.

b. We reserve the right to modify the itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances or events beyond our control.

c. Participants will be notified promptly of any significant changes to the itinerary.

Participant Responsibilities:

a. Participants are responsible for their own behaviour and well-being during the tour.

b. Participants must comply with local laws, customs, and instructions provided by the tour guide or our representatives.

c. Participants must disclose any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect their ability to participate in the tour.

Health and Safety:

a. Participants are responsible for obtaining any necessary vaccinations, medications, or travel insurance.

b. We encourage participants to review travel advisories and follow health and safety recommendations provided by relevant authorities.

c. We assume no responsibility for any health-related issues or incidents that may occur during the tour.

Liability and Waiver:

a. Participants acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with the tour activities.

b. Participants release us, its agents, representatives, and subcontractors from any liability for personal injury, loss, or damage incurred during the tour, except in cases of gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Force Majeure:

a. We shall not be held liable or responsible for any delays, changes, or cancellations caused by force majeure events beyond our control.

b. In the event of a force majeure situation,we will make reasonable efforts to provide suitable alternatives or reschedule the tour, if possible.

Dispute Resolution:

a. Any disputes arising out of or relating to these terms and conditions shall be resolved through mediation or arbitration in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.

b. Participants agree to participate in good faith in the mediation or arbitration process before pursuing any legal action.

Privacy and Data Protection:

a. We respect participants’ privacy and handle personal information in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

b. Participants consent to the collection, use, and storage of their personal data for the purpose of tour arrangements and communications.

Governing Law:

a. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom.

b. Any legal actions arising from these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the United Kingdom.

By booking Soul Ascension Egypt 2023, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.


Cancellation Policy

Considerable administrative fee is activated with your registration, such as internal flights and bookings, accommodation, communication, planning, coordination with tour guide, etc.
Due to the intimate nature of this retreat, we are counting on your attendance. If an unforeseen circumstance arises, we ask that you find a replacement.
The amount of your refund will be based on the day we receive notification of your cancellation.
Please note that if you must cancel your retreat the following cancellation fees will apply:
Before 1st August – 25% cancellation fee
2nd August – 30th September – 50% cancellation fee
1st October – 11th November – 100% cancellation fee