Alchemy Coaching

Toks has a wonderful energy and her expertise is abundantly apparent. I felt very relaxed and at ease, letting the positivity and healing channel through me. I am new to spiritual healing and guidance, but can attest to the progress and awareness that was awoken within me.
I have been coming to Toks for over 2 years now. She has been amazing in steering me through some difficult times. She has given me clear direction and warnings and has predicted accurately future events / resolutions. She has supported and inspired me. She has cared and encouraged me and most importantly, has helped me survive through a traumatic period in my life.
She stands in her own light, beating her own drum, operating entirely from the heart and I know of no teacher more authentic; no friend more genuine; no truth-teller more worth their salt and no serious-minded shaman with more laughter in their soul.
Gary Reich
Brilliant. Feel lighter in a good way.
Toks’ work is invaluable. Toks has helped me cleanse, heal and clarify my life purpose and has allowed me to bring both true love and abundance into my life. She has also helped me understand and complete past relationships and value and enjoy present ones.
Company Director
From the moment we began speaking, I felt that Toks knew exactly where I was coming from. Her wisdom is invaluable, and the exercises she recommended, were exactly what I needed. I’ve had many coaching sessions in the past, but this is by far the best 30 minutes of total insight and inspiration that I can ever remember having. Toks and her guides will tune in and tell you what you need to know. Her sessions are life changing, empowering and unmissable. Don’t miss out 🙂
Sarah Dawson
Author & Yoga Teacher
The simplest and easiest way that I often describe Toks is that she is like The Oracle from the film ‘The Matrix’, except that I think Toks is better! In fact, I would perhaps liken her Quality, Depth of Presence and Expertise to say, that of a Grand Master within the Martial Arts. A session with Toks is a Blessing that you cannot afford to miss out on. Her Wisdom is Precise, her Compassion, True.
Yanni Konstantinopulos
I feel I have been released from negative beliefs and blocks from my past. I feel more free from the pain and hurt I had been holding on to.
Raj Mann
“The insight of an Angel, The wisdom of the Ancients, The compassion of a Theresa, A sweet Treasure with no measure. She renders me speechless.
Julius McNeil
I found the session therapeutic and it was relieving to be in an environment were I felt I could speak of my fears honestly and the sense that my energy was being received and worked with / healed. I’m excited to see what the next days hold. I feel that Toks is direct which is a relief. I feel like I’ve had a spiritual workout and can now rest, anxieties shed. I had spiritual re-attunement / refreshment / realignment.”
My session was calm, positive, safe and optimistic, a real eye opener. Highly recommended.
The exercise was light in the concept of it, but went very deep into the roots of some issues that have been bothering me. Toks is very easy with everything she does, and trustful, which made it much easier for me to enter into the concentration of this type.
Dear Toks, I felt that negative energy had been moved from within me. I felt that my emotions were released and I could let go of the feelings that I had been holding / were unreleased. I felt that a weight had been lifted from my head, enabling me to regain my power. Now ready to take positive action forward for 2013 and onwards. Thank you so much Toks.

VIP Coaching

Being a VIP client is like having you next to me all the time with Hands of Light. That is what I appreciate the most. It is very important for me. Thank you
Name withheld for confidentiality
I alway get the right answer from working with Hands of Light. When I have a question on my mind about an issue, I get the clarity and the answers. So that's very important for me so I can move on quickly.
Name withheld for confidentiality
All I wanted was a boyfriend who loved me the way I want to be loved. When I was dating a man who was making me unhappy and was very disrespectful I realised he was not my love. You were always there on the phone and talking with me. This access to you was wonderful.
Name withheld for confidentiality
You are always there …. When I was delivering my baby…. When I thought I would never have a baby or a husband. I really, really appreciate that.
Name withheld for confidentiality
Hands of Light Business Coaching is very, very powerful. When I'm confused and in between many, many things, needing answers I find the guidance and mentoring very good. It is brilliant; brilliantly sharp with the correct answer like choosing the right staff, who to keep and who to go. We know how important it is to have the right staff. Having someone to talk too and give me very powerful intuitive guidance which get amazing results. My profits increased. My staff became happy and told the the truth. The perfect team is essential to do perfect work. Working in my business with Toks is extraordinarily. It has helped me concentrate on the right priority with profitable results.
Merve Tüfekçi
Anytime my mind is mixed up, I am feeling down, and I am in negative mode I can call you and I can speak my mind. This really is what is helping me to move forward and and continue. So that's one of the main things that I like about my VIP package - accessibility to you.
Name withheld for confidentiality
The most negative experience was when I lost my baby inside me! You were there always. I was really in deep deep pain. I had to let go my child and release my baby. You said I would get pregnant but it did not happen. You kept the belief alive when I doubted and was not strong. I was so frightened that when I got pregnant you kept me on track. AND on the delivery day when I called you, you were with me praying and holding sacred space during the delivery. I felt safe knowing you were with me and felt you were there with me. Your energy felt very clear and clean. My baby is now 4 years old.
Name withheld for confidentiality
The main thing is the quality of service that I get from you for the past 7 years. Outstanding.
Name withheld for confidentiality
I find it empowering that I can Change my karma and then move forward you know, and become healthy and happy. My greatest challenge was to understand my family karma situation and heal my karma with my family. That was what I was struggling with the most you know, and you helped me to heal my karma with my family. So that was very, very important for me and you were always there.
Name withheld for confidentiality


Toks is a beautiful being, both inside and out. I have been waiting for her to enter my life with her warmth, knowledge, compassion and healing. My reading was not entirely what I expected but has left me feeling clearer and more empowered. Incredible how accurate it was. Thank you Toks for sharing your gift and for being my friend.
Great session, reassuring, enlightening, guiding and empowering. Relaxed and no time wasting. Have a lot to think about and homework to do.
It was very good and very thorough. I felt relaxed and the reading was not hurried and important!
Toks and I were brought together when I was in pits of darkness. Her readings have not only brought me clarity, but her sessions help me feel protected. She has amazing healing energy. Her sound therapy and card sessions are the best I have attended. Thank you for your gift and services
Riya Mittal
Great session, reassuring, enlightening, guiding and empowering. Relaxed and no time wasting. Have a lot to think about and homework to do.
Had my reading with Toks yesterday and it could not have come at a better time or with a clearer message. The last few months have been really intense for me, lots of healing, lots of lessons and realisations and found myself overwhelmed and unsure how to take all this into my life. Toks has helped me make sense, find peace and more importantly, helped me find my confidence to myself and my inner wisdom. She is a truly amazing Guide with a lot of love and a very grounded presence that helps individuals find their own Truth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx
Toks was quite accurate and lots of insightful comments and emotional accuracy. Thank you!
Toks guidance, in difficult moments, in my life has been invaluable. She has helped with business decisions, with clearing houses and with relationship issues. Her guidance spans across so many fields. She is totally dedicated to her work, to the truth and to being a clear channel.
Architect, Company Director
Reading couldn’t have been more well-laid out and spoke my story to a ‘T’, and has helped tremendously!
I like it because when I am talking, I can find things about myself. I understand myself better. I found out that I am good at many things. I found out that I should appreciate things in my life. I found I am intelligent and now I am believing in that. I found out that I am not cursed. The reading I found very good. It is exactly what is happening in my life. I hope it will help me to make the decision. For the better life.
I feel completely overwhelmed, yet relieved. My spirit feels liberated, enlightened and reassured by my own being.
The reading was reassuring gave me guidance & insight into my current situation. Supportive and helpful.

Moon & Numerology Alchemy

Thank you. It is such an honour to finally be here in your circle. I felt welcomed from the very moment I walked through the door. It’s been an amazing, uplifting, nurturing and loving experience. Thank you from my heart to yours. Much Love.
Sharon Gordon
The two moon Alchemy Workshops I attended made me feel rejuvenated and nourished. I sensed Toks power to connect with spirit and teach us to connect with it too. She spread her love, light and wisdom and I am forever thankful.
Lucia Castano
The Alchemy Workshop was peaceful and beautiful. I felt my body being uplifted, as if I was being transported to a higher place. I feel clear, strong and powerful and excited about my vision. The repetition of the words used in the Alchemy Workshop, were very powerful. Thank you and bless you.
Georgina Stupar
What a wonderful way to spend an evening. Thank you so much Toks, for your patience, kindness and wisdom. I have felt so welcome and valued this evening and Iâm so glad that I came and let myself have this wonderful experience. The Alchemy Workshops was powerful and one of the most thorough and deep processes I have ever done. I feel a lovely sense of being connected and loved. In Gratitude.
Sara Ellis
This was my first time at a Moon Alchemy Workshops and I like it a lot. The workshop itself was great and the cards I picked were very, very meaningful in fact, I can’t think of anything more perfect. I feel I was really meant to be here.
Paul Higgs
My dearest Toks I just listened to Full moon meditation in ♑️ capricorn again just now 😇🥰 It is so powerful and amazing thank you for the greatness of you and empowering the greatness in me 💖🙏 thank you for your great mission and light that is guiding me to continue with my missions in this life time and keeping my light shine ✨ Aho 🙏🌈 Love you love you love you 😍 Thank you 🙏 thank you thank you
The meditation this evening was very powerful; and I met some fabulous and light filled people. Thank you Toks for holding such a supportive space.
Emily Burfoot
Thank you for my first experience of being a Legion of Light Anne Marie and celebrating the energy of the Full Moon. I feel energetically re-charged and interested in learning more about the power of the Moon.
Anne Marie Gravil
It has been an amazing event to celebrate this Full Moon with Toks and no coincidences the moon in Aries. If before the event I was not so sure what the completion in my life was after the event, I was sure and it was so nice to celebrate it with nice people. I am happy I came!!!!
Thank you Toks. Words cannot express how amazing tonight's Alchemy Workshop was. The energies were dancing through me tonight. Amazing. Love you.
Sharon Gordon
As always, your Moon Alchemy workshops are fabulous. This time I really have claimed my power: it is back in my body and at my command and mine only. I used to dim my power so as not to scare people on one level and on another level to go down to their level so as to help them due to my kindness. I now realise I have one task and one alone, to SHINE my light to become the truth of my I AM presence. Ho and so it is.
Yanni Konstantinopulos
Thank you Blessed Toks for the sacred space that you create to allow people to expand into the fullness of themselves.
Becky York
Deeply grounding and connecting to Mother Earth and Father Sky. I felt very grateful to be here tonight. Thank you for guiding us this evening.
Artist & Writer
You are very special to me….I feel very blessed that you were there on this trip to protect us all…..An inner strength that I didn’t know was there is growing and growing inside me thanks to your nourishing love. I learned to be more assertive and to separate truth from illusions from you. I’m no longer afraid – I know my own light and strength – thank you again for that!!! I learned to trust myself much more and to claim my power and light…I remember our Full Moon Meditation in Egypt which was a truly beautiful and unforgettable experience and the healing you did to me on the plane going home….!!! You have magical hands… 😉 Thank you!
Anne-Mette Hedensted
I very much enjoyed the New Moon Alchemy Workshops. It was very deep and peaceful and I especially liked the cards – very truthful and meaningful. I liked the various crystals and how I linked each group with special healing for different parts of my life. Thank you.
Jelena Radonjic
I went to a Alchemy Workshop on the day of the Full Moon. It was a fantastic experience and I had a lot of fun. It was a totally new experience and I participated in dressing up, dancing and having fun, with plenty of laughter. We also exchanged information and participated in meditation. It was a totally new experience and I intend to do it again soon. Thank you Toks. In appreciation.
Dolly Kaur

Healing & spiritual Development

I have no doubt that the great life I am living now, including meeting and marrying my true love, has been created as a result of the work I have done with her help. I cannot recommend enough the depth, sincerity, wisdom, purity and integrity of Toks’ work. She is the healer of the highest order.
I've attended many powerful Moon meditations, chakra balance healing sessions and 1 to 1 personal readings with Toks Coker over the last decade. Through using her vast array of healing modalities such as reiki mastery, shamanism, crystal healing and life coaching (to name a few) she is a force to be reckoned with. Whilst she holds space for imparting clear channelled guidance, a healing session or guided meditation with her always brings me a sense of balance, clarity and realignment with self. In my experience her wise teachings and downloads cut through any uncertainty and she always delivers the Truth in a way that leaves you empowered.
Kali McCaulsky
Office Manager
I had just received some shocking news about my job and being made redundant with no package. Plus they way it was being handled was legal, but insensitive and unprofessional. Toks did an healing that released the anger and left me feeling at peace. I am now able to say goodbye to this era of my life hello to the next adventure with an open heart.
The effects of the Silent Counseling continue to astound me. There is so much depth to this practice. Two days later and I feel much lighter in my body. The session with Toks made me feel comfortable and safe, I felt heard and listened to. This is such a great counseling model. I really like the tapping practises and learning more about how they can help me in my life. In the session, we worked on a deep issue that has been affecting me most of my life and I already feel the positive effects. I feel very anchored in my body and worth. I felt like I have released a lot of limiting beliefs and opinions of others that were put on me. I am looking forward to see what more blessings come may now. Thank you Toks for a wonderful session.
Maxime Lichtenberg
I just know that you are such a caring person and have such a brilliant connection that you can only enhance one’s day-by-day living with your wise words and wisdom. Thanks for all the help over the years.
Rita Westlake
This woman is pure magic. She is gracious, she is kind, she is generous. She helped me through many difficult and tight moments in my life in the appropriate way. She used whatever technique was required for each issue. She has a knowing and I want to thank her many times over.
Toks gave me a super power healing, which I can only describe as a ‘Toks Special’ as she combined her decades of healing mastery into one session. I went to see her regarding me not wanting to exercise. The result following the was significant self confidence! I felt more comfortable in my own skin and carried myself differently. I highly recommend Toks. She is a kind and compassionate healer, full of wisdom. She has an uncanny ability to see things that others cannot and gently heal wounds.
VLP, London
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Toks sensed my dog over the phone. She asked me to let the dog listen to her voice and she will talk to him. A couple of minutes later, she told me what was wrong with his heart. It was critical. I went back to my vet demanding that this time we do a proper heart scan. The scan showed what she said on the phone. I could not believe my ears but stayed eternally grateful, as thanks to her gift, I got the right therapy for my dog Kolya, and prolonged his life.
Vesna Stanojevic
Thank you would not be enough to express how grateful I am for all your help and support. The past couple of months have been devastating for me and knowing you were there giving us all comfort, is very special to me. You know that you will always be part of our family.
Rosy Khalastchy
Property Consultant

Ritual Ceremony

Another powerful portal of alchemical change. Thank you. P.S. I am too knocked out by the energy to write anything more.
Yanni Konstantinopulos
Dear Toks, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was an amazing experience with some very valuable realisations to take home.
Jelena Radonjic
Toks’s work grows after the session, and I talk about it months and years later… the truth of it unfolds and the strength she imparts enters into my life, as the actions she asks us to do transforms us, transforms the way we walk our path in this world. It is through the actions that the healing continues to percolate through our lives. Her warrior spirit sees with precision and is incisive and I have always been grateful for her guidance.
Toks sees more than most will ever know. She has seen into my mind and she has seen into my heart and empowered me to heal and live in power.
Lucy Palmer
Very powerful workshop. Really liked the work with the crystals. This was about rebalancing misunderstanding for me.
An exquisite, perfectly formed two hour experience from the second I entered the front door: from the moment I smelt the wave of divine essence floating down the stairs, to the spiral dancing!
Gary Reich
Thank you Blessed Toks for the sacred space that you create to allow people to expand into the fullness of themselves.
Becky York
One session with Toks was more healing and much more fun than months and months of traditional therapy. The healing vibe was felt immediately upon contact – days before the actual session. I adore her powerful spirit, honesty, and openness to hearing and healing the deepest part of ourselves.
Thank you for the blessing of being you, a guiding light of love and a shining beacon for one and all. Thank you. I see Me. I see You.
Yanni Konstantinopulos

Mindy Gibbons-Klein

International Speaker, Entrepreneur and Thoughtful Leadership Coach

Basaak Cankes

Designer & Artist

Ilknur Cankes

Tourism Guide

Fabio Serafini

Dione Jude



Gary Reich


Maxime Litchenberg

Success Stories

At the age of 19, I moved to London. It is important to note, that I was not the person I am today. In London, I studied History and Politics, and started to enjoy the freedom that came with being a young adult in a vibrant city of the world.

That said, I had fractures and traumas from my personal and family relationships. I did not know what it meant to be loved. I worked and overachieved in academics or jobs to prove myself, and while that hailed some merit, it is not the be-all-end-all of a happy life. I struggled deeply to see myself as someone who deserved to be cherished and respected. It is in London where I first encountered a women's circle and got into meditation. As you might already know, meditation has incredible scientific benefits to our brain and overall wellbeing.

I then met Toks in London, now 10 or 11 years ago. Wow. I am counting this as my longest friend- and mentorship to date with someone who is loyal and has always believed in me.

I remember the early days of coming to Toks's flat to participate in Full- or New Moon meditations. Toks was also teaching us about the healing benefits of crystals with her beloved Patric in attendance (rest is heaven ♡).

Throughout the years, working with Toks as my spiritual Mother, life coach and guide, has not only changed my life, but saved it. I grew from a girl into a woman. She showed me what it means to be loved. She has highlighted my gifts and forgiven my trespassing. She has taught me what forgiveness and respect means. She has helped me remove veils of misunderstanding from my eyes and created a clear structure in my brain that un-wired years of trauma, pain, anger, depression and anguish.

I have become a more kind person through Toks, someone who respects and loves others, and loves myself, loves my Soul and is deeply grateful to be on this journey of Life here on Earth. She has helped me strengthen my faith in myself, in God and humanity. I often say I am only alive because of her.

And today, 10+ years later, I am thriving! I am successful in my personal and professional life. I am happy. I am loved. I am able to express my love in a space space. Most of all, I am ALIVE. I am so grateful to mommy Toks. ❤️

And all of this... you can enjoy too by working with her. If you are in a tough spot, Toks is the person to help you. I promise you, your life will only improve by working with her.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything.


Lots of Love Maxime 🌹

Ready to say Yes to Life?

Tuesday Three
Tuesday Three
Very knowledgeable
Nikilette Walker-Bowman
Nikilette Walker-Bowman
Toks is truly an amazing healer, elder and shaman. I am grateful for the teachings she's shared with me over the years. She's a beacon of love and light, a pleasure to work with. She'll always tell you exactly what you need to hear to elevate you and your life higher than you could possibly imagine. I am a better spirit and human since working with her. In love & light, Nikilette
Livia Banin
Livia Banin
Toks is amazing Healer. She has such a wealth of knowledge and experience of healing the most troubled soul. Her gentle and comforting approach put you into ease immediately. In just less then an hour, Toks was able to identify what was blocking me and helped me to release it. I would highly recommend her services to anyone!
The Music Medicine
The Music Medicine
Toks you have been a guide, a friend, a mother and a partner to me. I can not praise you enough for you accurate and high e.q., your ability to receive, read and interpret, to be there and to hold space for what is. I love you and I respect you. 😘 💕
Atiti Izogie
Atiti Izogie
A beautiful gifted highly skilled practitioner who genuinely and sincerely cares about the welfare of those she serves. A true blessing. Amen
Katalin Cziranku
Katalin Cziranku
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Toks Beverley Coker is a wonderful and extremely knowledgable healer. She knows her craft like no other. Beautifully presented and expressed at all time and extremely valuable. Highly recommend her services. 🙏🏼❤️ Thank you Toks Beverley Coker, you are a Diamond 💎!
Sirin Ortanca
Sirin Ortanca
I had a wonderful session with Toks. She is very intuitive and psychic. She guided me to see things that were really important for me. She guided me through a very powerful meditation to detach from a situation and release whats been challenging. The session and healing meditation has helped me feel more in flow, more relaxed, more in my divine feminine and more confident. Thank you Toks xxx
Didi Anolue
Didi Anolue
Toks has a love for people that is genuine and pure which together with her gifting and talent is just a joy.
Catherine Fatou Lefeuvre
Catherine Fatou Lefeuvre
Toks has a very warm, compassionate and caring Energy. No matter what happens she is there to uplift others.
Idil ustun
Idil ustun
Every time I am in the presence of Toks, it feels safe and protected. She opens my heart, she reads my energy and needs, she supports me with her being and her words and her wisdom. Thank you for your blessings and all your love and support dear Toks