Taurus is RULED BY Venus – planet of love, romance, sensual energy [touch, senses, feelings, sensuous tastes, pleasures, seeing].  Venus likes to nurture, to be nurtured, to love, to be loved. Ruled by VENUS – sharing, exchange, give and take, partnerships, marriage, relationships, fine things, art, drama, music, courtship, romance, love, sensual, beauty, service, home, passionate, earthy, pleasures, indulging, food, sharing, playful, intimate bodies, happy bodies, united bodies, sex, sexual, sensuous touch / taste/ smell / words / sight.  Lots of feelings with Venus and the Bull! Feelings of worth.  Feelings of value.  Feelings of flowing love through us.  Wanting things to belong to us.  Be part of a ‘family’, ‘community’, ‘environment’ and ‘life’.  What is your passion – your desire, your lust, your urge, your sexual need, your emotional desire this NewMoon in Taurus?  Express it with words, thoughts and deeds.  As the Buddhists say – EARTHLY DESIRES ARE ENLIGHTENMENT.


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