Time Between Eclipses & Time Before Eclipse

Time (One Day)  Before an Eclipse

A day before an Eclipse you begin to realise one or two things – negative and positive – in your life.

Perhaps, you have a conversation with someone and they help you identify that (1) you have been following your limiting decisions and (2) limiting beliefs. (3) You have held yourself back in your past. (4) You have built your life on someone else’s dream because (5) you are playing small and (6) are afraid to let YOUR LIGHT shine brighter than there’s!

You could from that conversation own where you are right now in your life. Of course there is more to the story but I do not have the space here today.

Let us go to the positive you discover after you have revealed to yourself, your negative thoughts you have been holding about your situation. (1) You realise you are responsible for those thoughts – yes those negative thoughts. (2) You feel free in the realisation of the insight into your personal life. (3) You decide to take some actions to live the dream you really want and (4) start over by identifying what you truly want to manifest in the fullness of your life. (5) You take positive practical actions in your life e.g. continuing to go to the gym on a regular basis or looking after your skin by applying the right cream which is not necessarily an expensive cream.  (6) You feel yourself growing into your self as you prepare for the Eclipse tomorrow.

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Friday 27 July at 7pm

Time of Gather with Toks is 7pm, we start the Meditation at 8pm.  Time of the Full Moon is 9:22pm: We will be in the Energy of the Full Moon TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE

Full Moon in Aquarius – Sun in Leo

Sturgeon Moon



The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will be visible in large parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

Totality will last for 103 minutes, making it the longest eclipse of the 21st century.

You can watch it LIVE by clicking LIVE

Elements – Earth/Fire

Spiritual Honour Fee: Details

Time Between Eclipses

On my blog I write on the Triple Eclipse and the numerology of each eclipse.  You can read more on https://www.tokscoker.com/triple-eclipse-starts-today/ 

So what has happened between that dates from 13 July, the first Eclipse to 26 July, the second Eclipse?  And what will happen between the next Time Between Eclipse from 27 July the second Eclipse and 11 August the third Eclipse? So much can happen. The mind boggles.

Please read the below information (I have edited and updated it.) which I posted a few moons ago. You can find it here:   http://blog.tokscoker.com/2017/08/19/time-between-eclipses/

I have edited and updated it.  Enjoy the information.

What is the Time Between Eclipses?

The Time Between Eclipses is the Time between a Full Moon Eclipse and a New Moon Eclipse.

There are two types of Eclipse:


  1. SOLAR ECLIPSE – Moon PASSES between sun and earth [occurs in NEW MOON only]  Moon blocks sun.  Totality  {I.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minutes.


2. LUNAR ECLIPSE – Earth PASSES between sun and moon [occurs in FULL MOON only]  Earth blocks sun.  Totality {I.e. total blocking} is no longer than 8 minutes.


How do Eclipses Effect Us?

Eclipse affect us in different ways – in a positive way and in a negative way.  We have one at the New Moon and one at the Full Moon.  Both have positive and negative effects on our feelings, emotions, reactions, and responses.

How we deal with this in our lives affects us on many levels and creates lessons to learn as we shift our Karmic relationships and tendencies. So Eclipses effect us by forcing us to look at our extremes, our oppositions, our differences, our opposites, and/or our boundaries or lack of.

It is a Time to Work Deeply Within Yourself. The Time between Eclipses is a Time of Working with our Shadow and Walking with our Shadow. It is looking at the extreme Feminine (Lunar) and extreme Masculine (Solar).

Effects of Negative Eclipse:

Obstruction.  Dimming of Light.  Loss of Power.  Loss of Importance.  Loss of Fame.  Loss of Light.  Obstruction of Light. Over Shadow. Overshadowing by another. Cast a Shadow Upon.  Blot Out.  Darken. Cloud.  Dim.  Dimming. Diminish.  Feel Small. Extinguish.  Shroud. Veil. Hidden.  Not Seen. Darken.  Darkening.  Dark.  Suppress. Extinction. Occult.  Decline. Diminish.  Failure. Fail. Forsaken. Abandon. Fall.

Effects of Positive Eclipse:

Change, Transformation, Begin Again – Honin Myo.  Light.  Shining. Shine. Seen.  Recognised. Appreciated. Blooming.  Importance. Power. Fame.  Prominence.  Rejuvenate. Endorsement.  Protection.  Seen.  Enlighten. Happy. Compassion. Love.  Excel. Exceed. Surpass.  Outdo.  Outshine. Transcend. Expand. Success. Good Health.  Succeed. Rise.  Achievement.  Learning the lessons from the Time Between Eclipses helps to empower you and move away from any stuck energy.




As mentioned earlier:

The Time between Eclipses is a Time of Working with our Shadow and Walking with our Shadow.

It is looking at the extreme Feminine (Lunar) and extreme Masculine (Solar).

It is a time that forces us to BALANCE things in our lives and look at them properly and truthfully.

NEGATIVE Effect of the Time Between Eclipses

The Time Between Eclipse is a time of arguments, RESISTANCE, CONFUSION, misunderstandings, anger, rage, reflection, annoyance, not listening, feeling disempowered by the negativity around, or by what is said to you, or what you hear.  Words trigger. Word push buttons.  What words are you using that pushes a button? What actions are you doing that trigger a negative response in another?

What could possibly go wrong DURING the Time Between Eclipses?

Which one of these applies to you?

Miscommunication – messages delivered upset and give the opposite intention causing friction, separation, divorce and dis-ease.

Misunderstanding – causes friction, tension, stress and holds up the time frame of a job being completed on time.  Misunderstanding can lead to dishonesty.

Muddling – Dates and Times are muddled up or missed. The chaos created breeds lack of trust or feelings of being treated with disrespected.  Broken promises.

Distortions – The muddled mind cannot see things clearly so their is distortion of facts and figures. There is a time delay in everything. Misleading information. Changes in contracts, agreements, etc. causing stress all round and lack of trust.

Power Struggles – within relationships, business, marriage, politics, partnerships – cause disunity and separation.  Opposition gives rise to war and conflict. Negations go wrong.

Dissatisfaction – there is acute dissatisfaction on many levels – in society, in politics, in religion, in relating to others.  There is a warped form of relating on all levels. It is like you are in an internal war with yourself, as well as, others outside yourself.

Weird Things start to happen.  Breakdowns. Computer glitches. Misunderstandings. Disruptions. Delays. Disappointments. Blocks. Stagnation.  Something is not working – something is not right. Something is off mark.

POSITIVE Effect of the Time Between Eclipses

The Time Between Eclipses is a time of finding BALANCE, reflecting, questioning, questing, visioning, going deep within to reveal ones very own nature and truth. So in finding a Balance in our live, ALL the negative effects of the Eclipse propel us to have our own personal Transmission, Transmutation, AND Osmosis.  They force us to move through all the debris accumulated in our live.  This leads to the Positive Effects of the Eclipse which is to Transcend the negative and bring in peace, compassion, love, respect and balance.

What could possibly go right during the Time Between Eclipses?

Which one applies to you?

Great Communication. Feel heard, Listened to and Understood. Feel Clarity within yourself and your expressions.

Feel Connected. Feel Empathy. More Loving Relationships.

Fell Appreciated. Feel Seen. Feel Recognised. Feel Courageous and Confident.

Feel Open. Feel Liberated. Feel deep sense of Freedom with Deep Insights, Intuition and Wisdom.

Feel Balance. Fell centred. Feel loved. You feel at Peace. You are HOME. You Allow Yourself to Shine and Be.

Great Flow in all areas of your live. Feel Satisfied. Feel Great Flow. Receiving Gifts from self and others.

Learning some life lessons Changing point of view, direction, behaviour, habits and/or friends. Re-prioritising.

Karmic Shifts create Evolution and Revolution.  You hold your keys in your hands now. You set new boundaries. You have better Relationships – Honopono exercise: I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.  I love you.

Your Unconscious and Conscious go into UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. You feel ONENESS with the Divine. Your Cosmic Connections empower you for the Highest Good of All.


Time in history has shown that the Moon and Eclipses affects humanity in a big way.  They affect our actions, thinking and being.

An Eclipse creates a – first you see it and then you do not see it, then you see it – effect.  The Full Moon shines and you see it.  The New Moon cannot be seen in the sky.  We have both seen and unseen in life and with the New and Full Moon.  Also, there are many actions we take that produce seen and unseen results.  History tells us the effects of our past actions.


Let us sing a song of joy and dance a melody of love as we face our life and our challenges.  Eclipse show us how we face our live and our challenges.  It askes us to reflect on our lives and the choices we have made.

What was blotted out of your life?  What was revealed?  What have you had to re-set and press?  What have you changed?  How has the Eclipse pushed your buttons and your life consciously and unconsciously?

Eclipses teach us to be AWARE of our reactions, our actions and take responsibility for both our reactions and actions.  Not an easy thing to do.  Welcome to Eclipse Energy and Time Between Eclipses.

A time to make history.  What history are you making in your life? What do you want to end?  What do you want to begin?



Be mindful that that you should never get mad at someone for being who they have always been.  You should perhaps be upset with yourself for not coming to terms sooner.  Perhaps you need to accept them as they are.

Sometimes accepting a person as they are frees us from the pain and suffering they invite into our lives. We are more accommodating and at peace, like in the peaceful picture of the beds.

We are not ruffled by the momentum of disruption.  We are contained and at peace.  We choose peace.  We allow peace.  We are peace.

We stop being upset with ourselves and with them.  We move on to a better quality of life and Time.

This is practicing DETACHMENT in a positive way.  This is living EMPOWERMENT in a holistic way. As always the choice is yours.


So many times we mix with people that do not match our vibration and feel pain in the interaction.

Learning to Align to Spirit helps you to know who you are and balance yourself.

Aligning to Spirit is not about forgetting your responsibilities here on Earth. It is being grounded while here on Earth and being conscious of the people you mix with.

People who do not fit your Destiny may be parents, family members, people from the past who want to keep you there and do not want change in your life.

A so called ‘caring’ friend or companion could be holding you back in the past, not wanting you to succeed, and saying things or doing things that keep you stuck in the past. You may even believe they are good for you, when in reality they are holding you back from shining your True Light.

Aligning yourself to your Spirit is a Divine connection no one can come in-between unless you allow them to.  It is your sacred space of thinking and reflecting. It is your empowerment vortex of light.

Aligning with Spirit holds you in the Light – the Spirit of Your Light – magnifies your being and your full potential with an Eclipse.

On a Full Moon you shine your greatness. On a New Moon you seed your greatness so it shines forth on the Full Moon. How wonderful.

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“If you Light a Lantern for Another,

it will also Brighten Your Way.”

Gosho Zenshu 1598


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