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What is an Eclipse?

What is an ECLIPSE? There are two types of Eclipses SOLAR ECLIPSE – Moon PASSES between sun and earth [occurs in New Moon only] Moon in the middle. Moon blocks sun. 

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Cancers element is Water which is emotional.  Water fits into any container it is put into. It evaporates and becomes mists and becomes the clouds which then pour down on

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Feelings of Fear and Deaths

NewMoon in Cancer brings in lots of see-sawing emotions, drama, internal/external choices, expanding/contracting emotions and feelings.    There is an increased sense of collective fear – collective deaths.  We see the

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 Newmoon in Cancer is about emotions and nurturing and family.  This is an emotional time for everyone.  Do not be surprised if you find yourself feeling suddenly emotional for no

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LESSONS of New Moon in Cancer

        1.       Sometimes even spiritually advanced / experienced people fail. 2.     Sometimes to achieve the goal does not necessarily mean to succeed at the task. 3.     Sometimes

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EXERCISE for New Moon in Cancer

With the NewMoon energy of Cancer representing Family – SEND healing to Mother Earth.  Have a picnic and appreciate Mother Earth.  Thank the SUN, the MOON, the trees, flowers, etc. 

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