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The Goddess Venus with Taurus

VENUS Taurus is RULED BY Venus – planet of love, romance, sensual energy [touch, senses, feelings, sensuous tastes, pleasures, seeing].  Venus likes to nurture, to be nurtured, to love, to be

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New moon in Taurus – Qualities

ANIMAL TOTEM    BULL BULL – Negative: argumentative, stubborn, angry, ferocious, selfish mind, feeling isolated and alone, defence, defiance, consuming.  Defence is the first act of war.    Positive: grazing, relaxed,

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New moon in Taurus Options

What are the options around for you today?  How practical and realistic are you at the moment?  How practical are your plans and actions.  Are you taking action that pushes

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Full Moon Blessing 09.04.09

This is the Blessing of the FullMoon in Libra, Channelled by Talented Teacher Toks Coker with love and insight.  8.4.09 Oh FullMoon in Libra with Sun in Aries I Welcome

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