Total Lunar Eclipse, Red Moon, Full Moon, Blue Moon

So many things happening…..


One feels a need to keep up and rush forward.  To keep up – to compete – to rush to complete – to panic – to be part of – to long to be included – to feel part of something – to belong so as to kerb feelings of isolation. Whatever feeling you are going through, is real for you, and reflects the turmoil, in your mind.

Then there is the health question. Will this damage my health – all this rushing around? – all this hard work and no break? – all this endless row of things to do? Well what is your answer to yourself?  Then there is the question of mindless chatter, self criticism chatter, overwhelm chatter, intrusive chatter, lack of confidence chatter, you are no good chatter.  The mental torture is excruciating.

That is why I always feel a Full Moon is a good time to take time off and consolidate and allow time for your body, your mind and your spirit. The emotional feeling of peace and clarity you feel will enable you to do a better job and create a momentum of peace and relaxation to do more and be more. Just like your body needs sleep to function well you need a sacred space to go to where you can rejuvenate and relax yourself.

In the darkest hour, always, there lies the Truth,  Awakening your Soul, with the Dawn of Light. Never let fear over shadow your Destiny.


Gathering is on Wednesday 31 January, with a 7pm start

Actual Time of Full Moon (1:27pm London)

Full Moon in Leo 11 degrees– Sun in Aquarius

Snow Moon

SUPER FULL MOON (Moon near Earth)

BLUE MOON (second Full Moon in a month, January)

TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE, a BLOOD MOON (Earth between Sun and Moon. Casting Earth’s shadow on the Full Moon.)

Elements – Fire/Air

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So many things happening all at once – a Full Moon, an Eclipse, a Total Eclipse,  a Total Lunar Eclipse, a Blood Moon, a Blue Moon, and a Super Full Moon. This is a POWER vortex. Are you ready to tap into the Energy of More?

MANY THINGS: The Eclipse is a time of FULL-ON emotions that MAY overwhelm you suddenly. There are so many possibilities with this Energy of Now.

JUDGEMENTAL:  The Full Moon can create a feeling of being judgemental and judging others. Remember, if you are judged, the way  you judge another, you may not like it.  Be mindful of the way you judge another.  You may not like to be judged the way you judge another. Remember what comes around, goes around. Be kind.

CHANGE:  The change in yourself is the biggest surprise YOU will experience with this Super Full Moon. What changes will you feel and manifest?  What changes will cause a big shift in your life?

PAIN BODY:  We all have lots of different types of pain. Where does the pain end? Where does it start? Where are you getting it wrong?  What pain body do you need to release, let go and push out?

EMOTIONS: How are you handling your emotions? Are they fiery like the FIRE element of Leo. Are they needing to free themselves like the AIR element of Aquarius?  How are you handling your emotions? Your uncontrollable emotions?

A TIME:  A time to express fullness and notice the fullness in your life.  A time to shine the light on something hidden in your life.  A time to give your life back to you. A time to do exercises that support your life in many ways. We will be doing a lot of exercises and receiving a lot of messages. Time for healing and messages.

See you Wednesday Details

The impact of this energy will be felt all year.  Depending on how you handle yourself, at this point, will determine the decisions you make.

Fire Energy Exercise by Toks Coker

I have done a Fire Exercise for you to use to clear out debris and unclutter your mind, body and Spirit. You can record it on your iPhone and then play it back to yourself. This way the benefits of the meditation will be felt and you will experience your very own profound healing from your very own unique voice. So authentic and real. Try it out and let me know how you find it. Love  Always Toks xxx


Working with Fire is always a sacred thing to do.

Slowly relax your mind and your body. Really settle your energy to a point of centeredness.

You can try deep slow breathing to clear your mind. You can close your eyes and relax your eyes.

When you feel centred then start the exercise.

Sit silently with yourself for a minute. Let all the stresses of the day go.


See a burning flame in front of you.

Breathe in deeply and slowly seven times; fusing each of your Chakras with the flame.

Allow the flame to dance around you and feel it dancing around you.

When the flame has finished dancing around you , feel or see it move back in front of you.

Very slowly and respectfully walk forward and step into the flame.

Allow the flame to dance around you and feel it dancing around you again.

Dance with the flame around you. Then stop.

Allow the flame to  move close towards you and merge with your physical body.

Let it enter into your body. Let it dance through you in all directions feeling happy and joyful.

Close your eyes and feel the energy of the flame merging with your physical body.

Feel a dancing flame in your eyes, ears, hands and feet.

Feel a dancing flame in each of the 7 Chakras: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root

Sense and feel your Auric Field and Chakras being

A.    cleansed by the flame;
B.    burning away debris, old patterns and feelings of loss
C.    transforming the lessons learnt;
D.    purified by the flame of Yahweh.

Feel all the dancing flames merge into one flame.

Then feel the dancing flame settle gently in your heart.

When it feels right allow the energy to settle in your naval.  Any excess energy settles in your naval.

Slow down the energy around you.

When you have finished, move the energy into your Navel.  Store the excess energy in your Navel.  Put your hands over your Navel.  Then Give Thanks.

I Give Thanks.
I Give Thanks.
I Give Thanks.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

Amen. Amen. Amen.


Slow down your energy. Make sure you wait for at least a minute to allow your energy to slow down and come down to you.

When you are ready, come back slowly into your body and into the room.

Notice how your body feels when you come back into your body.  Notice noticing your feelings.


Breathe in slowly and deeply seven times.


Push your feet gently into the ground and imagine green grass around your feet. Push your feet deeply to the ground slowly (seven times).  This strengthens your grounding and brings you back into your body.


Open your eyes.  Welcome back.

If you are finding it difficult to connect to your body, place your palms softly over your closed eyes. Breathe in slowly and gently, seven deep breaths.

Welcome back.


Drink lots of water to enable more flow in your body, mind and spirit.


Record your findings and insights about your own personal Spiritual Spiralling .


Love Always Toks xxx


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