VALUE and DIVERSITY = Be a student of Possibility

©       BE a student of Value.  What do you value?  Is this bringing you peace?  What value are you bringing into the office, your home, your relationship?  How do you act on your understanding of yourself? of others?   New Moon in Cancer is about feelings.  What feelings create value in your self?  What worth do you give yourself?   We cannot assume the status quo will be the same. 

©       Think in a circular fashion – like the weather – not linear.  Thinking in a circular way helps you to face challenges when they come.  When it is winter I can ski.  When it is summer I can enjoy the sun.  Anticipate your life – make change your friend.   Enjoy the sunshine…. Enjoy YOU.

©      What do you need to do to raise your standard?  Are you getting the resources you need to compete within an ever challenging world?  The world is constantly changing.  We have to move with the change and move with the change we will. 

©        Do you have such diverse friends???  Or are they all the same type of people?  What is the diversity in your life?  There are many points of views and it is an advantage to listen to them and enjoy the diversity. 

©         You can read – You can meet people.  This way it enables you to make your own mind up.  Listen to your inner wisdom and silence with the energy of the NewMoon in Cancer

©          Be a student of possibility.  How possible is your life?  How expansive is your life?  How diverse is your life?


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