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Come join me on a journey of healing and profound transformation.

Introducing Say Yes to Life 1-1 Coaching

Get personalized coaching in 2022 to help you take charge of your life and accept and love yourself completely.

This is a 3-month individual coaching program where we work on the root issue that is keeping you stuck, heal whatever needs to be healed, and introduce sustainable practices to help you live in alignment with your true Self. The work that I do is deeply transformational and can bring long-lasting change into your life.

The work with Toks Coker for the last seven years of my life has been life changing. It has completely transformed my life path, my spiritual practise and karmic debris. I have learned a lot about myself and deepened my own work and interest in spiritual work and practise. From transforming the relationship with myself, my family and other people around me, one of the biggest lessons has been that I can empower myself to shift the alchemy in my life and create the life I want.
Maxime Lichtenberg

Are you ready to say Yes to Life?

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You are ready to say
Yes to Life.

This can be your reality.

Who is this for?

This is for the person who wants 100% attention to their needs and desires. They want a private 1:1 session where they can be heard in a safe space without judgement. They want to magnetise more into their lives on all levels. They are ready to take actions and do at least 50% of the work to get the results they want in their lives.

They know what they want and want help to get there. They do not want to waste time with doing it themselves. They may have tried others and decide they would like a different way.

Each client wants clarity and direction as well as self-love and empowerment. They do not want to be in a group setting to discuss their personal things. They know the session is tailor made for them and they want to be guided, mentored, healed and coached.

They have decided they want an upgrade in their lives and are ready to commit to themselves to move forward quicker with great quantum leaps and paradigm shifts.

How it works

Step 1

You sign up for the 3-month coaching program and commit to saying YES to life this year.

Step 2

We connect via Zoom once a week and I hold sacred space for you during our 60-minute calls. During our call, we will work on the root issues that are keeping you stuck, do profound healing to clear anything that needs to be healed. The calls can be recorded for your reference.

Step 3

You do the work and I hold you accountable. The practices I share are deeply transformational, but you need to do the work in your daily life.

Day: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (depending on availability)
Time: 8am-8pm GMT UK Time (depending on availability)
Length: One Hour a week. (12 hours in 12 weeks = 12 sessions)
When: Weekly
Where: Zoom on-line, recorded
Duration: 12 Weeks


All sessions are private and confidential. You have access to Toks. You have homework and journaling to help move you forward and break your glass ceiling. Sessions include discussion, coaching, healing, meditation, with questions and answers. Personal attention is given to your desires and goals. Toks holds sacred space for you as you journey at your own pace. Practical exercises and tools, especially for you, are shared to empower you and create long life change. Lots of personal learnings and shifts with practical exercises and tools to motivate you. You will feel safe sharing your thoughts to someone listening to you without judgement.

Staying Connected During the 3 months

  1. Private calls to Toks with a free 10 minute phone call a week for urgent matters.
  2. Texting and voice messages encourage immediate attention to your needs.
  3. Toks will respond immediately or within 24 hours (depending on availability)


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How do I know if this is for me?

If you answer yes to any of these questions VIP 1:1 Sessions would help you.







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What my clients are saying

The main thing is the quality of service that I get from you for the past 7 years. Outstanding.
Anytime my mind is mixed up, I am feeling down, and I am in negative mode I can call you and I can speak my mind. This really is what is helping me to move forward and and continue. So that's one of the main things that I like about my VIP package - accessibility to you.
I alway get the right answer from working with Hands of Light. When I have a question on my mind about an issue, I get the clarity and the answers. So that's very important for me so I can move on quickly.
Being a VIP client is like having you next to me all the time with Hands of Light. That is what I appreciate the most. It is very important for me. Thank you

Dear one,

you are not alone.

There is hope and blessings a phone call away.

How would you like to feel…

Let me hold sacred space for you and help you rise.

This is for you if:

Ready to get started?

Yes, I can't wait to get started!

This is for you if:

This is not for you if:

What to expect after this transformational program?

How does that sound?

If this resonates with you and you feel ready to step up, I would love to hear you say YES to life!
I felt heard and listened to. Toks held the energy for me without judgment. I am transformed because I decided to try something new. Thank you, Toks. I feel very blessed to have met you at one of the most traumatic times of my life.
The most negative experience was when I lost my baby inside me! You were there always. I was really in deep deep pain. I had to let go my child and release my baby. You said I would get pregnant but it did not happen. You kept the belief alive when I doubted and was not strong. I was so frightened that when I got pregnant you kept me on track. AND on the delivery day when I called you, you were with me praying and holding sacred space during the delivery. I felt safe knowing you were with me and felt you were there with me. Your energy felt very clear and clean. My baby is now 4 years old.
All I wanted was a boyfriend who loved me the way I want to be loved. When I was dating a man who was making me unhappy and was very disrespectful I realised he was not my love. You were always there on the phone and talking with me. This access to you was wonderful.

Payment Options

Option 1

Full Payment


Option 2

3 Monthly Payments


monthly for 3 months


Pay in full and get these awesome bonuses!

Bonus #1:

8 Ways to Say Yes to Life (pdf)

Discover 8 inspiring ways to say yes to life.

Bonus #2:

8 Weeks of Forgiveness (self-study course)

In this 8-week course, you will process a lot of different emotions that may trigger you, enabling your individual process in your forgiveness practice and healing.

Bonus #3:

7 Days 7 Chakras (interactive e-book)

7 Chakras for 7 Days is a 301-page e-book that provides tools specially designed to inspire and catalyse you into taking consistent, empowered actions that will transform your life, allowing you to release old pains and old sufferings, allowing you to call in the goals and blessings you desire and more!

Don't miss this opportunity!

It’s time to shine and radiate your light

This is the year when you say YES to life, to smile again. Identify a new way of living, which will align with your soul and take charge of your life. Look at yourself in a new way that lights up your heart. You deserve this.

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About Toks

Hi, I’m Toks and my strength is dealing with the emotions of a person and transforming that fundamental darkness into medicine. I’m very loving. I’m very strict. Don’t come if you don’t want the truth and don’t come if you don’t want strict guidance. Saying YES to Life is not always an easy thing to do, as we meet our personal (and collective) challenges and difficulties, in any area of our lives: personal, business, relationship, family, etc. My powerful life experiences and training enable me to help people in all sorts of ways. I am truly blessed to be able to do this. As you look through my website, I hope you feel the compassion, healing, commitment I have, to wanting you to be happy and safe.

Are you ready to say Yes to Life?

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