Visioning 3 February

Are ready to be more? To stand up in your own truth and shine? Are you tired of not having your prayers answered?  Are you feeling unsupported in your life and wanting more? Are you feeling listless and stuck?  Are you wanting more in your life – more than you even know? Do you feel there is more for you? Are you ready to saturate your mind with positive ideas, thoughts, actions and moments? Do you feel it is time to hold your head up?  Have you lost faith in your abilities? Are you just simply tired of trying? Do you want one last stab at your life?

If your answer ‘YES’, to any of the above questions, then book your Visioning workshop to Rise Up and stand for something. Rise Rise Rise. Let me help you, on a very deep level, to RISE to be more.  Visioning is the ability to create your dreams and make them happen. It is the action of developing a plan, a goal, a legacy for the future and manifesting it with actions that enable, one step, after another. A Visioning Workshop with Toks is a deeply rooted in practical, mental and spiritual tools.

The woman/man I was yesterday, introduced me to the woman/man I am today; which makes me very excited about meeting the woman/man I will become tomorrow.

DATE: Saturday 3 February,  11am-5pm

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With the exercises and the workshops you will learn how to:

Look at your life in a new way and create a solid foundation.

Set goals that are smart and achievable.

Get more clarity in your life that yield confidence and courage.

Manifest your goals with helpful tools that empower you.

Create a Vision Board that if so full of power and magic.

Journey home to yourself and connecting with your deep inner goals, truths and desires.

Reconnect to the Divine in you.

It is hard to beat someone who never gives up. Babe Ruth

At the end of the Visioning Workshop with Toks, you will take away with you:

Your very own completed Vision Board you can hang up at home or in the office.

More clarity than you thought possible – a very clear path to walk through.

Great insight to the greatness of you – a self belief that empowers you to be more.

Proof of your Visioning – a plan to work towards

A confidence and peace of mind that will make you feel better in yourself and with others.

Courage to make the bold steps necessary to achieve your goals.

A feeling of life and living life force.

No army can withstand the strength of an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo 

We will allocate TIME to your LIFE.

Time to Slow Down.

Time to Connect to the Inner You.

Time to Connect to the Voice in your head.

Time to Listen to Your Inner Voice.

Time to Hear Your Messages from the Divine.

Time to be Whole.

Time to Sit with Yourself.

Time to know you are not alone.

Time to know you are OK and safe.

Time to know you are important.

Time to know you have more in You than you ever thought possible.

Time to BE the Possible

Time for Great Change – Change that Empowers.

Time to Face Your Real You.

Time to Face your Negativity, Doubts and Fears.

Time to Strip your Life down and Reveal the Diamond hidden by years of neglect or damaging experiences.

Time to face your Excuses – Excuses that take you away from what you want to do e.g. I am not good enough. They are always better than me. No one wants me. I am alone. I do not have the time. I am always so busy. I never seem to have the time. I am so confused. I have to clean the house. I have to have this drink. I have to socialise. I have to look after my ……..

Time to Recreate Your True New Identity with Focus, Commitment, Self Belief and Self-Love.

Time to Shed your Stories thus Shred your Skin like a Snake. Shed your old stories, stuck stories, unhappy stories, lie stories, disempowerment stories, sabotage stories, etc.

Time for your Rebirth and Rejuvenation.

Time to have a dream. Have a big dream.

Time to have a course that is dedicated to your hidden dreams.

Time to rise up and be more than you thought possible.

Time to feel more peace in your life.

Time  to connect to others and to yourself.

Time for your expansion on many levels.

The future depends on what you do today. Gandhi


Improve your immune system as it will calm and relax  you

Help focus you and improve your determination and commitment to your very own happiness.

Enable you to take responsibly for your life and know the importance of prioritisation.

It will anchor great values in you and a self belief you have not felt for a while.

It will help you go though the changes in your life.

It will improve your commitment to yourself on a very deep level.

It will give you faith and belief in your own power.

A spiritual connection will be tapped into, that will anchor a magnificence in you.

Visioning lifts the spirit / quality / life / energy of an organisation or person.

Visioning is strategic, inspiring and uplifting.

There will be time for questions and answers too.

As you can read, there are lots of benefits to the Visioning Workshop with me. I really look forward to welcoming you and helping you anchor your Visioning. I know you are here to connect with your Soul and your BEing;  to create your Life of Happiness. I know you want practical tools, you want to heal some emotional wounds, delete what no longer serves you and transform limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. This is the first step to creating and manifesting Your Power House, Your Vision Board, with the powerful tool of VISIONING.

So excited to be seeing you on

DATE: Saturday 3 February,  11am-5pm

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