What benefits happen to you before an Eclipse?

What happens as you approach an Eclipse? Benefits happen!

Sudden things happen around you or to you, just before an Eclipse, that indicate a benefit and/or a protection happening magically around you.  Something bad reveals something good. Here I share some physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of an Eclipse, with a personal experience to re-enforce what I am talking about.


Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on an Energetic / Spiritual Development Level?

It will reveal what is hidden in darkness, and shed light on it.  Truths and Lies will be revealed causing greater understanding.


It will shine light on what needs to be addressed and attended to.  We will see the power of Lighting the Darkness.


It will create a massive shift in consciousness creating a sense of Unity that guides us to look to the future with new eyes.


This is a great natural phenomena that highlights the laws of nature and the powers of the movement of the Sun and the Moon.


Intuition will be increased and you concentrate more on looking towards your Future to liberate and free you.


It will increase your compassion, care and healing ability.


SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: I organised a Buddhist chanting session on 19 August for midnight via text– asking if anyone could chant Nam  Myoho Renge Kyo in their homes, from 12 midnight, for 30 minutes, to send Nam Myoho Renge Kyo healing to a non-Buddhist. The response was 90%.

At midnight 00:00 we entered 20 August and I realised we had 11 strong Buddhists chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo, chanting from their individual homes, for the healing of a non-Buddhist, who had no faith in their belief. They did so because they wanted to, and they could, and they cared.

The Action Taken by Others:  Some were able to stay up, others set their alarms, to be up and ready to chant for 30 minutes from midnight. One was abroad so she had to be up by 1am to link in with us in London time! Another lady was out and she chanted silently linking in to us from where she was.

I was amazed and grateful. Now, how kind is that? How very very thoughtful and considerate is that?  Now how do you think the non-Buddhist felt that women from around the world from different nationalities were praying for his good health?

I listened to the non-Buddhist chanting weakly behind me as I lead the chanting session in a strong voice.  From time to time, I lowered my voice so I could hear his voice, and his voice led the chanting for his health. He was touched by the fact that people where texting in and saying ‘Starting now.’ and then ‘Done’ and ‘Good Night’.  Now that is action with a strong spiritual mission based on kindness, compassion, love and wanting someone to be happy and well.

Thank you Universe. Thank you Eclipses. Thank you challenges.  Thank you kind Buddhist friends.


Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on an Emotional / Emotional Balance Level?

You begin to look at issues about loving yourself. Loving the Self is not an easy thing to do as we are all consumed with unresolved emotional issues from childhood, karma, limiting beliefs, doubts, fears, worry, anxiety and stress, to name a few. The Eclipses force us to look at Balancing our Emotions swinging in an up/down, left/right momentum.  The extremes of movement of the pendulum of the Emotions can play havoc on ones level of concentration, clarity, focus and direction. The upheaval creates a need to desperately stop this extreme of tears or rage that wells up to overcome us.

EMOTIONAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse:  Yesterday, driving home, we turned our car at Primrose Hill and drove straight into the middle of a commotion we did not realise was happening. As we were blocked by two motorbikes we stopped and I notices that the car in the opposite lane had stopped with its driver’s door wide open and no driver in site! I thought there had been an accident. Maybe someone had fallen down or been injured.

Then suddenly we heard shouting and men running around our car. One man pulled out a long 12” knive outside our car, by the drivers seat, and then proceeded to weald it in the air, running after another man into Primrose Hill.  Then another man shouted, moving on my side of the car, and ran out into Primrose Hill, chasing the man with the knife!

So many emotions – rage, anger, frustration, sadness, fear, shock, trauma, pity, feeling blocked in!!! Blocked in by a motor bike. Alarmed by the knife.  Sad about our society today why someone would take out a 12” knife and run after another.

What I found fascinating was how they were fighting and shouting, yet avoiding our car. Even though they had weapons they did not attack our car, that had driven straight into the centre of the commotion. Two things happened when we realised something was not right:

The first thing was I heard the click of the car lock as my lovely driver suddenly locked the doors of the car. He had stopped the car and sat very still in the car. My Annoyance: I became slightly aware of my annoyance he had not closed the door before driving off – but at least he did so now in the middle of the danger.  I always lock the car doors every time I enter my car – no matter where I am. Before I enter my car I check no one is in the back seat and the environment is safe.  Yes, I have watched to many NCIS with Jethro Gibbs, Ziva and Tony DeNozo.!!!  LOL.

The second thing was I became aware of a calm energy versus a panic energy rise up in me. I was uneasy. Then unexpectedly, out of the blue, I suddenly felt this calm energy rise up from inside me and cloak my car.  Immediately I felt the car protected and invisible.  It was like slow motion and yet it was very quick.

It was amazing to have so much commotion outside our car and no harm came to us or the car. Even though we had driven right up to the middle of the commotion, they did not attack us or hit our car!  They ran round our car a number of times. They could easily have hit our car or hit us in the car but they did not! It was like we were not there. It was bizarre. How is that for ‘cloaking’ the car and us.

I have no idea how this started or what happened. Perhaps our role was not to know how it happened – but to heal it or calm it down.  Thank you God, Buddha, Allah, Ascendant Masters, Legions of Light, etc for the protection and magic of protection.


Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on a Mental / Thinking  Level?

You reflect more. You ponder more. You think more. The reflection, pondering and thinking is on a deeper level. It helps you to question your beliefs, attitudes and behaviour. It enables you to be more true to yourself as the mental action in the mind affects your emotions, body and spirit. You begin to make friends with your Thinking Mind and become aware of your Mental Chatter you have with yourself – that ‘other’ person in you. We must never underestimate the power of the Mind and how much power it has over our Bodies.  If we keep a positive Mind we respond with positivity.  If we keep a negative Mind we respond with negativity.

I am reminded of two very powerful quotes, by two very powerful men, who lived and practiced developing a strong Mental mind. Both were tortured, imprisoned, starved and persecuted.  The quotes are:

“One should become the Master of One’s Mind rather than let Ones’ Mind Master Him.”  Nichiren Daishonin, The Major Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, Vol 1

“The one thing you cannot take away from me is the way I Choose to Respond to what you do to me.”  Victor Frankl, Auschwitz prisoner, Man’s Search for Meaning.

I believe during the In-Between Time of the Eclipse and days before the Eclipse, we experience sudden unexpected experiences that create a paradigm shift. They may be pleasant or unpleasant experiences which help to sharpen the Mental Mind and Thinking.  Whatever happens we have a Choice to respond in a way that empower or disempowers us.  What role do you play? Are we the victim, the rescuer, the persecutor, the bully, etc.? Or are you the Thinker, who uses your Mental ability to create a environment of peace, power and heaven within your Mind, which transports you to a realm of Powerful Thinking and Mental Conviction, that propels you to take deliberate actions, that produces a greater result in your life, than you ever thought possible?

MENTAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: We met up with a friend of ours on Hampstead Heath discussing nutrition. What is right nutrition?  What is nourishing food? Should one be a vegetarian, a fruitarian or a meat eater?  By the end of our discussion we all had different realisations and even a paradigm change.  Here are some statements that were made:  “I have to change the way I think about food and what I eat and put in my body.”  “It would be nice to experiment with new food to broaden our horizon.” “I get fed up with the food I eat and I no longer enjoy eating.”  “I am bored with the food I eat and do not like the tastes any more – bland and always the same.”

What is the right food for one person is the wrong food for another.  What works for one person is different from what works for another person.  A few years ago, I became vegetarian and passed out in Sainsbury, as I did not have enough iron in me and was told to start eating animals such as the liver of lamb. I did not know what vegetables to take to help me with iron in my body. I was doing something that did not resonate with my body. I was born in Nigerian and grew up on Nigerian food such as okro soup, assorted meat, chicken, goat meat and plantain.  My body was not enjoying the change.  My mother, an English nurse, told me I had to go back to eating what my body was used to. I did and I felt better.

Now I am not able to eat as I used to eat when I was younger. I eat less meat or no meat. I loves juices, fruit salads and vegetables.  I was not brought up on this but my thinking has changed over the years because I have ‘talked’ to my body and I have listen to it.  So as we journey here on Earth, we may find our thinking about food an how we live, changes over the years, even months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds!!!! LOL. So after the wonderful conversation we went shopping to buy wholesome foods, rest, and do our homework. We are more mindful of what we are doing to our body now with our Thinking Mind and we are working on marrying the two together to create a healthy body.

The Thinking Mind is very important in helping us make decisions and choices that happen upon us on a daily basis.  We must never underestimate the power of the Mind and how much power it has over our Bodies.  If we keep a positive Mind we respond with positivity.  If we keep a negative Mind we respond with negativity.

The ability to discern and detach are part of having a strong Mental Thinking Mind. The ability to make up ones Mind to take a course of action is very much dependant on the power of the Mind over the body. Do you eat cakes and sweets and expect to be thin and fit or do you have a Mental Talk and Discussion with your Mind and decide what is best for both your Mind and Body? Then do you have the focus, perseverance, determination and courage to change your old way to achieve the results you want with your new way of being and doing?


Benefit of Total Solar Eclipse on a Physical / Body / Active / Practical Level?

The Total Solar Eclipse encourages physical action – no matter how small.  You feel an urge to improve your health and physical body. You begin to realise that your Body is your first Home. You begin to have more respect for you Body and what you do with it. Perhaps you start to eat better, sleep better and exercise better. You start to have a ‘conversation’ with your physical Body which makes you aware of your ‘inner workings’ within you that you cannot see or feel.  You know your blood works yet cannot feel it pumping in your body, nor can you see it. You feel your heart and your lungs moving when you dance, walk, run or exercise, though you cannot see them. You begin to realise that things are happening when you thought they were not. You do not have to understand how your body moves with the help of your brain signals, you just need to know that you can move your body to sit and to type or answer the phone or hug your child.

As we have seen from the above topic – Benefits of Total Solar Eclipse on a Mental / Thinking Level? – both Body and Mind are related. From a Buddhist perspective of Shikishin-Funi, the Body and Mind are Two but not Two.  They are One. Mind and Body are two aspects of the same reality.  Neither Body or Mind is a separate entity, there is not one with out the other.  They are inseparable components of life.  Life is a single moment in the whole, while Body and Mind are its components.

On a positive Physical / Body / Active / Practical Level Who is ‘pushing’ you forward to be more than you think you are capable? Who is behind you letting your glorious light shine through? Who is encouraging you? Who is there for you? Who is pushing you forward for a good reason so you can be seen in a glorious light? On a negative level Who is gossiping about you in a negative way and lying about you?  Who is stealing from you? Who is tripping you? Who is back-stabbing you?  Who is hiding your skills or taking them and pretending they are theirs? Who is blocking your progress?

Any physical action can be seen manifest in various forms such as a clean house, a clean toilet, a lovely dog, a strong horse, a lovely garden, a fit body, a firm body, a delicious colourful meal, a lovely outfit, well manicured hands and feet, a beautiful dance performance or a wonderful work of art.   How are you creating a beautiful/handsome environment around you and a beautiful/handsome you? Every single manifestation involved practical action to carry it out, focus to complete the task at hand and the present it to the world.  What wonderful benefits have you had as you approach the Eclipse?

PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE Before Eclipse: I noticed my physical body responding to my exercises and my new healthy health drinks and medicines.  I have gone back to exercising and being mindful of my physical body and marrying my Mind and Body.  Fortunately, every two weeks, the Moon Medicine Gatherings, empower my journey on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I have set myself a physical target for next year of my birthday, which I will monitor in the next three months in November 2017.  Amen. Amen. Amen.


What Benefits have you had as you approach the Eclipse?


Join us tomorrow 21 August for our Eclipse New Moon in Leo Medicine Gathering at 6.30pm.  Details here: Moon Medicine with Toks


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