What is Life Coaching the Alchemical Way?


As you journey through life, life happens. People get loved and wonderful surprises, they also get disappointed and depressed. People say cruel and kind words to each other. Some become victims and abusers. The journey to move from a space of ‘negativity’ to one of ‘positivity’ is an internal journey, that requires patience, understanding, compassion, wisdom and self-love on a profound level.

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way is the Way of the Shaman. The Journey you take as a Seeker. It is the Hero’s Journey, allowing your very own Alchemical Resurrection of your True Self. This means it anchors with you the power to rise to be more. To be your own true authentic self, no matter what you have been through.

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way is the Steps of Creation, that lead you to BEING MORE. It is the calling of your Divine Self to manifest consciously here on earth with. It helps you anchor your Spiritual Legacy. It helps you find clarity and grounding in your life.  It helps you to come back home to yourself, using proven tools that nourish mind, body and spirit. This is active participation in your own healing and transformation.

Let’s ask you some questions? Are you are feeling lost, confused or exhausted? Are you tired of being taken for granted? Do you feel it is time to set up some new boundaries in your life? Are you wanting your power back?  Do you find you keep repeating the same old patterns? Do you find it difficult to relax and turn off?

More questions: Are you feeling dull and lethargic? Do you feel life is always better for others, but not for you?  Do you think you should be the one on stage, but you find yourself back stage? Are you always ignored? Do you feel isolated, lonely and separate? Do you feel out of body and ungrounded and unstable?  Do you think the grass is always greener on the other side? Would you like to shine like a precious diamond? Have you felt suicidal and wishing your life was over?

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way is a very specific way of working on yourself and with yourself. It asks you to journey out; and come back home to yourself; fresh, anew and reborn. In the sessions you will experience an Alchemical Resurrection of your True Self, which will set you free and liberate you, from any chains of restriction, resistance and blockages.

Turning ‘poison’ to ‘medicine’ is the way of the Alchemist. Learning to work with your own Alchemy can be a challenge, as you learn to refine your limiting beliefs, resentments, doubts, fears. Sessions are geared and tailed individually for each person to create a refinement in behaviour, attitude, personality and character. A personal journey, a labyrinth that you navigate, as you redefine your new way forward, to your great results. Face the unknown with ease and confidence in any area of your life.

Life Coaching the Alchemical Way helps you calm your mind, empowering you to see clearly in a practical and constructive way. It enables you to see your value and strengths, as well as, your limiting beliefs and fear. The main purpose is to help you find deep lasting happiness. Are you ready for this?

Did you know that the Miracle of Life is knowing who to ask for help, and when to ask for help? Whether working with you alone, as a couple, or in a group, I remain connect to Source, centred, united and at One. From this sacred space I serve you, tailoring the sessions especially for you. I promise to serve you always with balance, reverence and love.

You can book session with me on this link – https://www.tokscoker.com/index.php/services/book-appointment

In the Magnificence of Yourself you find Yourself.  Toks Coker


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