FullMoon – when the moon’s disk is light because the Earth is between the sun and the moon.

The moon at the time of the FullMoon is full and round, shaped like a full disc and can be seen as it reflects a lot of light from the sun.  At this time it reflects the greatest amount of light from the sun.  The FullMoon occurs between 14 and 15 days after the New Moon. It is 180-225 degrees ahead of the sun. 

 This is a time of answers.  A time of extremes.  It is a time when you reflect what is going on inside of you.  You interpret what you see outside by what is going on inside of you.  Projection is a big issue here.  What you perceive depends on what you are feeling at the time of the FULLMOON.  The gravitational pull of the sun and moon on earth set these extremes up.  This is a time to find balance.  A time of romance.  A powerful time for love.  

A passionate time.  The cup is full.  A time for fertilisation and ovulation!  This is a time of completeness or fruition.  A time of abundance and ripening.   A time full of emotional energy – which is very high during the 3 days of the FullMoon.   The moon is strongest here for action and completion

 It is about facing our various and many emotions, energy charge and abundant feelings.  Everything is amplified with the energy of the FullMoon.  Emotions, passions, love.  Strongly charged emotions.  Lots of abundant feelings.  It can also be a time to loose control in a positive or negative way – the choice as always is yours.  The meditation strengthens and promotes spiritual advancement.   The FullMoon is power. 

This is pregnant with life.  This is the Mother pregnant with life.  The Goddess.  The God.   This is Summer Time – flowers blooming.  This is strength.  This is magical power.  This is magic. 

Time to reveal and not hide… It illuminates darkness.  It brings in light to what has been dark for a while.  It reveals what is hidden and brings it out to the light.  The light of the FullMoon brings about manifestation of our goals or shows us the progress we have made and how far we have to go to complete as we progress toward our goals. It shows us clearly where we are in the process of the realization of our plans, visions and goals.  It is about putting colour into your life.  Activating and Living your Life Force and Light Force to the fullest.  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.


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