What New Moon in Aries action have you done?

On the day of the NewMoon – yesterday March 26 2009 – I took 9 lovely children to listen to Dr DeMartini’s, 7 Secret Treasures.  It was a wonderful experience to watch the response from the kids.  They had never been on the tube, they had never really met ‘real’ lawyers, singers, etc.  I reminded them how to shake hands and practices as if I was Dr DeMartini.  They said he would never shake their hands.  I said he would.  You can imagine their shock and pleasure when they did end up shaking John’s hand and he told them how to shake hands and look into the eye of the person they are shaking. 

Everything I had taught them in class he was saying.  I felt so much joy I wanted to cry and I did.  Thank you Universe for such a wonderful NewMoon in Aries evening and day.  I also wore a NewMoon in Aries colour – red.  I wore a long red skirt to teach in the morning, a red flowing skirt with socks to see the dentist and a lovely red short skirt and red linen top with red shoes in the evening.  I did not know having a red day could be so ‘new’.  I lived and acted NewMoon in Aries.  What did you do?  If you have not done anything yet then do something today.  OK.

Aries energy is FORCEFUL.  Do something forceful in your life.  Are you crying suddenly?  Out of the blues?  Wondering why?  Saying you have had enough?  Enough of your situation.  Then welcome to the NewMoon in Aries.    What wars are you fighting?  With yourself?  With others?  What is raging inside you?  Outside you?  Welcome NewMoon in Aries.  What aspect of your life are you finding difficult that you have to look at and it makes you feel ‘not so nice about myself’?  Welcome to the energies of today.  What seed are you planting today in your life? 

Why are you in this position?  Accept and take responsibility.  Express Gratitude.  Now take Action with the NewMoon in Aries.  Take stock and fine tune and refine where you are now.  It may not need a lot of change – just a little adjustment or refinement in your review…..  NewMoon in Aries welcome.



Time for dynamic ACTION. What do you need to do now?  What dynamic action do you need to take?  Then do it.  What drives you? What makes you move? What activates you? My work drives and activates me. My chanting empowers me. My Being satisfies me. My passion excites me. What excites you? What are you passionate about? If you do not have anything to be passionate about then decide on the day of the NewMoon to find something in your life that you are passionate about. NO – this is not about a person – this is about YOU. What are you passionate about? What drives you to action?


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