Feel gratitude for all your past life’s, experiences and efforts.  NewMoon in Cancer asks us not to be stuck in the past – to move on.  Not to feel aloof but to mingle – to invite in the new.  This may be difficult with Cancer.  Not to stick to the past but to open to new possibilities.  Not to be indifferent, inconsistent, or detached but to move to the next level to get you to where you want to get to….  NewMoon in Cancer challenges you to understand yourself and face your emotions honestly. 

©      A time to perform RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS and WHOLENESS with yourself and others………

©      Remember to celebrate achievements of the past year and then to rest as the doorway.  Reflect Reflect Reflect.  Assess Assess Assess.  Rest Rest Rest. 

©      A wonderful time of transformation for you and your loved ones too.  A time of adjustment to the new things happening around you – adjustments, balancing, dancing to a different drum that is your drum and not someone else’s drum!  Resourcefulness resourcefulness resourcefulness.

©      Constant adjustments in relationships will continue.  Balancing between family loyalties, your own interests and being of service whilst remaining kind and affectionate – this is the generosity of spirit of NewMoon in Cancer.  Welcome.


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